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"They don't have me" 0

The story of Laurita Tohm reaches its conclusion in a great way, pitting Vader, Trachta, Tohm, an the inmates of the Prism against the rebel forces of General Gentis, all beautifully drawn by Agustin Alessio.Tohm is more confident than ever in his mission along Vader, and his character show a strenght not found at the beggining of his journey.The debate in which leader he'll follow, Vader or Trachta, is also resolved, in a very poignant scene.This choice, and the demostration of his ability to b...

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The Hazards of Social Networks? 0

*My first review @ Comic Vine in the history of life! Yeah!*New Creative team. New plotline. New Villain.The GoodI like Bernanrd Chang's art, and with the help of Blond, he delivers some nice pages with good lightning and great mixes, contrary to the last chapters from the last creative team, that suffered from a color mix that did'nt get the best of their layouts.The Story is the classic setup with a new bad guy that you'll be knowing better as the chaptesrs go by. Like Kara's dialogue and the ...

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