Pull List

Everything that I am currently reading on an ongoing basis. 
In other words: The books that are consistently part of the ongoing struggle that is my financial situation. 
These are in order according to their importance to me at this time.

List items

  • I lovvvve this book with Paul Cornell at the helm and Lex Luthor as the star. Can't get enough, this is one of the books I can't wait to read each month.

  • In trades, about to start volume 6. Honestly needed a little break after volume 5...it was a doozy.

  • In trades, waiting to pick up Danse Macabre.

  • In trades, about to start volume 7.

  • In trades, waiting for anything post-Blackest Night to come out. I must be the only DC fanboy not reading any of The War of Light in real time.

  • In trades, waiting for anything post-Blackest Night to come out.

  • In trades. I'm still a little behind. I have all the New Krypton stuff next.

    I have also moved ahead and tried some of the new JMS run...but after that sample I have decided to go back to waiting for the trades.

  • In trades, about to start War of Kings.

  • In Deluxe Hardcover Editions. About to start volume 3 finally!!! Probably going to have to go back and reread previous volumes though now since it's been so excruciatingly long...

  • In trades. I'm a huge Booster Gold fan and have been putting off reading everything after 52 for a while now. Well I'm happy to say I finally got around to reading 52 pick-up and it did not dissappoint. It's just so much fun in almost old-fashioned-in-its-own-way type of comic. I can't wait to pick-up vol 2: Blue and Gold!

  • The MOST consistent comic I think I have ever read. I love the one and done, one-shot (forthemostpart) format of these books. Highly entertainging, the writers just absolutely get the character perfectly, and each issue highlights different artists just about every month. I unrealistically hope that Palmiotta and Gray right this book literally forever.

  • In trades. A highly underrated book. Pretty hilarious and extremely well written. Greek myhtology has always been an interest of mine as well and this book is full of references to Herc's good ol' days. The last volume I read was 'Love and War'...so I believe the next for me to pick up is all the Dark Reign stuff.

  • I'm actually not a huge Millar fan. I find him to be pretty thoroughly overrated (despite his masterpiece RED SON) but this book intrigues me...I think it has to do with the dynamic of this epic faceoff b/t the 2 adversaries. I know I'm in the minority here and believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are that I'm digging this book lol.

  • In trades, finished vol 1 and am contemplating picking up volume 2. It looks to be headed to the back-burner though for a little while.

  • Currently reading all of Hickman's run in trades to get caught up for FF. I never though i could dig the fantastic four this much... They are quickly becoming my favorite marvel property.