Favorite Heroes

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  • I love Peter Parker and it's probably because he's the constant underdog. Despite all his power, the odds are always stacked against him. He never has an easy day or an easy fight for that matter. Marvel never seems to just throw him a gimme against some poor jobber. The universe is working against him. He's the true everyman's hero as he desperately and hopelessly tries to maintain a normal life as a working young adult while simultaneously living up to his mantra, given to him by his Uncle Ben: "With great power, comes great responsibility". Is there a more heroic sentiment? And Spidey manages to do it all while cracking the notorious joke at his enemy's expense or something of the more self-depricating variety. On top of all that, his life is still that of the comicbook nerd's fantasy. The geek/nerd gains cool superpowers by some stroke of fate even manages to get his dreamgirl in the end...who also happens to be a model/actress. Maybe Spidey doesn't have it so rough after all...

  • He's the guy in the room every other guy wants to be like: utterly fearless and just oozing confidence, nothing is outside his grasp. The epitome of grabbing life by the horns, taking chances, and, essentially, making the most of life. A truly inspirational character and the perfect man to bear a weapon based entirely on the operator's willpower. Hell, after a couple drinks, I am Hal...well, at least in my mind I am...

  • Yeeeah, I know, he is an overused character nowadays and a lot of people think he's an annoying fad, but I was on the bandwagon since DAY ONE. However Deadpool was at his best in his original minis and ongoing series and that is how I like to remember him. The character has evolved a lot since then and sadly he's pretty much exclusively a clown now. But back in the 90's, the character was a lot darker and had a tragic element to him. He's still a lot of fun and I still thoroughly enjoy the character, but it was sooo much better back then.

  • Some characters you just love to hate...and then there is guy...umm Gardner. I just plain love Guy Gardner. Always the first to fight, I envy his brash and uninhibited cockiness. He's the best, he knows it, and he doesn't care what anybody else thinks. These are the types of heroes that make things interesting. They rub others the wrong way, cause friction, and force other characters to deal with them. You gotta take the good with the bad, and Guy Gardner certainly does a whole lot of good for the GLC.

  • Think Spider-Man in space.