DC Reboot: What I'm Actually Looking Forward Too

Ok...so after a good month or so of nonstop whining and complaining to my roommate about this thing that IS happening, whether I like it or not, I've finally decided to start looking at the positives that could come out of it. So instead of using the internet for what I believe was the its original purpose for creation (venting about things I have no control over) or listing my grievances with this move by DC comics (because, really, a list of this magnitude would probably crash beloved CV completely); HERE is a list showcasing some positive changes this reboot is bringing us imo, what I'm actually looking forward to come September. I like to think of this as an expression, no, celebration! of my new  *cringe* my glass-half-full approach to the NuDCU...that I promised everyone in my life I would take instead of resorting to violence. Yay. 

List items