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Dissapointed with the roster, I really wanted my ultimate pro reg squad: 
Iron Man 
Captain Marvel 
Instead I think I'll go with the Thunderbolts team: 
Green Goblin 
Looking forward to using all the new characters though minus Jean...she has just never done it for me, especially in video games

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I don't think he is saying that Boxing itself is outdated, but that the statement that Steve is a boxing/judo master is outdated. I believe he is saying that Steve is more thatn that and in fact "a master of every form known to man". I could be wrong though...  
As far as boxing being outdated, that's crazy. Maybe boxing as a spectator sport is becoming outdated, but not the sweet science itself. Relying on pure boxing skill and neglecting all other aspects of the fight game is foolish in a fight like this though.
Anyways in a straight up fight I have to go with Steve. The advantages the super soldier serum give Steve would not be meaningless. Aspects like size, strength, and durability are not meaningless when a fighter knows how to use them to their advantage as effectively as someone of Steve's caliber would. There are ways around these aspects of course, but at this level, extremely unlikely. Very hard-fought battle and without the serum Steve loses 
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@Vortex13 said:
"I chose none. I really do prefer his character as a man with now known origin and that Batman can never get a clear fix on. "
I agree 
Idk, I guess I just haven't read an origin that truly does him justice in my own mind. I enjoy the mystery but I think I also enjoy the idea of the Joker not having any true reason for being the way he is. While Batman has this powerful origin story which drove and inspired him to become Batman, the Joker does not. Its as if he is the Joker just for the f*ck of it lol. Imo this just further establishes him as Batman's counterpoint and ultimate foil. 
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Definitely need less 'characters returning from the grave', as you put it. Consequently, that will probably mean less deaths in general, but least death would have some gravity to it.
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@lioneta said:
" @Cezar_TheScribe said:

@lioneta said:

"Ew these girls are like 12 with no curves.Plus they are boring.How do I get to be apart of this?I have what it takes~"

They look young because they aren't fat?

They are of legal age and skinny, don't be jealous. :p

Let me define curves for the sexually benighted.
Curves don't count when being compared to the lumps of lard on an overweight woman.
Curves are what makes a woman.
The hips, the tits, the lips, the dips.
A flat stomach that slopes in at the sides like an hour-glass.
The hips that have their own vagarious behavior that leaves men guessing.
Breast that bounce as the chest underneath laughs, woes, yawns moans.
Lips that beg for passion without even uttering a word.
An ass that perks perfectly up on top of thighs as if it was an object being presented to the Gods.

That, that is what's curvy.
That has nothing to do with being fat.", so is it getting warm in here in here or what?  
I'm not hatin but this post was waay hotter than those pics lol