The Bob Burden Comics Online Store is Now Open!

The Adventure begins!

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The past, present and future of independent comics is now on display at This is the template for how indie products will be advertized, promoted and sold from here on in. Up until now, non-mainstream artists and publishers were dependent on producers and distributors from outside their companies in order to get their projects out to the public. Not anymore. The power of social media plus the current availability of services that are already programmed (and are either free or inexpensively priced) are leading to an explosion of creativity for all the world to see!

And it all starts with Bob Burden, the visionary writer and artist best known for his quirky Flaming Carrot Comics. The title character first appeared in 1979 in a magazine published by the Atlanta Fantasy Fair entitled Visions #1. Described as an example of surrealism, Flaming Carrot Comics can be seen as a superhero comic book turned on its ear. Formerly published by Aardvark-Vanaheim, Renegade Press, Dark Horse Comics, and Image Comics and appearing, or making cameos in, comics published by Atomeka Press, Fantagraphics, and Mirage Studios, Burden is now the Chairman of the Board of a publishing company that is virtually self-sufficient.

With some clever wiring, the Bob Burden Comics online store at started delivering digital products in December of 2012, but the store wasn’t officially open for business until January of 2013. However, this online commerce entity has been doing land-office business ever since! The mission of this venue is to display, sell and ship the best independent property ever with maximum clarity and speed. Additionally, the support feature, is monitored constantly to answer any questions.

So come on over, folks, click on our links and have a blast!