Those aren't toys!?! - Custom Comic Book Characters

Here's a list of characters I did custom Minimates of. Minimates are - besides awesome - a 2" block figure kind of toy and perfect for customizing. Enjoy!

List items

  • Here's my take on the <a href="">Black Captain America</a> as a Minimate.

  • Here's a link to a <a href="">Flash Thompson Venom</a>.

  • Here's the link to my <a href="">Nightrunner Minimate</a> custom.

  • Doc's the man! <a href="">Dr. McNinja</a>!!!!1!!1!

  • Do I have to say anything else? <a href="">Axe Cop</a<!

  • I did some B.P.R.D. characters including Hellboy, Johann, Liz and Roger. <a href="">Enjoy!</a>

  • Here's my <a href="">Spwan Minimate</a>.

  • President and Vampire Hunter: <a href="">Abraham Lincoln</a>!

  • Ladies love him, guys want to be him, right? <a href="">Jesse Custer</a>.

  • More than Jesse's loveinterest: <a href="">Tulip O'Hare</a>.

  • Hard drinking Irish vampire? Check! Here's <a href="">Cassidy</a>!

  • One of the most impressive Precher characters: <a href="">The Saint of Killers</a>.

  • Here's my take on the <a href="">Seraph</a>.

  • Journalism will never be the same again! Transmetropolitan's <a href="">Spider Jerusalem</a>.

  • Alan Scott, <a href="">Golden Age Green Lantern</a>!

  • Fair Play! Here's my take on Golden Age Mr. Terrific: <a href="">Terry Sloan</a>.