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movie news thoughts

I've the superman suit for theupcoming movie and I have to say I don't like it. it looks like it's made of fish scales. I'm also worried they will try to turn superman into a dark and edgy hero even though he shouldn't be one and making superman a dark and edgy hero is why superman returns failed. 
on to drk knight rises we've seen pics of bane and catwoman, and I don't like either of their designs. catwoman's costume looks like they barely tried to make a costume. and as for bane's costume I'm not sure what there going for and it looks kinda silly. 
but the worst costume has be the amazing spider-man costume. there are several things wrong with it, 1. his head looks like a basketball 2. the way red and blue is put on the costume looks wierd 3.why can wesee the webshooters? and 4. both spider symbols looks stupid with the being broken into parts and the back spider symbols lower legs are ridiculously long. 
also according to wikipedia there will be a captain planet movie. though I don't any one will go to see it.
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