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My thoughts on the death of ultimate spider-man and the new ultim

Btw yes I know it’s kinda late to talk about the first one.

I have little interest in the majority of the ultimate universe, I am not a fan of Mark Millar or Bendis  or the idea of superhero’s being darker , edgier and more “realistic” = being better. Not helped is that most of the characters in the ultimate universe are essentially douchebag versions of their 616 counterparts or in Wolverine’s case more douchey.

But I am a casual fan of ultimate Spider-man, it’s easily among bendis’s best work though considering how bad his writing can get that’s not saying much. Though I like it I’m not a major fan of it since I see it has problems like being too decompressed and a blatant author insert.

I was intrigued when the death of ultimate spider-man was announced, I wondered was this a legitimate story or a shallow attempt to boost the ultimate lines poor sales? I decided to read the story to find out.

So when reading the how did I feel? Well the truth is I felt nothing. I’m not sure why. I tried to figure out why. Maybe it’s too soon to kill him off when they appeared to do it in ultimatum it feels kinda cheap. Maybe it’s because I’m not the biggest fan just a casual one. Maybe it’s because the story is too simple. Then I realized it’s because ultimate peter’s death was too safe and generic, his rogues get to kill him but he goes out swinging. It feels like bendis made sure he died the safest way imaginable so fans wouldn’t complain. Though there are good bits in the story like ultimate aunt may being awesome. It wasn’t a bad story but it wasn’t exactly good either. Oh and ultimate fallout was good.

Then it was revealed there would be a new ultimate spider-man and in USA today it was revealed he was black and later to be part Hispanic. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know this has caused controversy and various reactions.

Some reactions to this include this being a publicity stunt, this is marvel trying to be political correct, some people have praised marvel for this move, some racist jerks have criticized the move, and some people are sad that ultimate peter is being replaced.

What are my thoughts? Well it’s a bold move on marvel’s part. And what do I think of Miles Morales? I don’t know what to think of him as I haven’t seen enough of him for me to like or dislike him. That’s a problem I have people reaction to him, people have already decided whether or not they like him before they got to know him.

For now I’ll wait and see where this is going.    


superhero movies quick thoughts

I've heard the green lantern movie might still get a sequal despite it's poor box office, though I doubt it. 
Apparently the people working on the new ghost rider movie are the same people who worked on the jonah hex movie. welll that's one movie people wont be seeing. 
I've seen more pics of the costume for the new superman movie and it looks pretty bad what with odd lines and material and muted colors. 
Also speaking of superhero movie cosutmes the avenger's costume look pretty good, while the "Amazing" spider-man costume looks worse ever time I see it. 
finally I'm betting the villian of the avengers movie will be thanos.


movie news thoughts

I've the superman suit for theupcoming movie and I have to say I don't like it. it looks like it's made of fish scales. I'm also worried they will try to turn superman into a dark and edgy hero even though he shouldn't be one and making superman a dark and edgy hero is why superman returns failed. 
on to drk knight rises we've seen pics of bane and catwoman, and I don't like either of their designs. catwoman's costume looks like they barely tried to make a costume. and as for bane's costume I'm not sure what there going for and it looks kinda silly. 
but the worst costume has be the amazing spider-man costume. there are several things wrong with it, 1. his head looks like a basketball 2. the way red and blue is put on the costume looks wierd 3.why can wesee the webshooters? and 4. both spider symbols looks stupid with the being broken into parts and the back spider symbols lower legs are ridiculously long. 
also according to wikipedia there will be a captain planet movie. though I don't any one will go to see it.
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My thoughts on recent marvel news

I heard marvel is giving that screw over dc and we'll give you a comic offer again and it's still unbelivably douchy. 
I didn't care when I heard jeph and ed mcwhatever are working on a reborn/rebirth/resurection story and cared even less when it was announced the character comig back was cable. I never liked any 3 of them. 
I saw the amazing spider-man trailer and it reminds of a specific itsjustsomerandomguy video that parody the fans fears about the movie, this trailer embodies their fears. It looks like its trying to be cool and falling flat on its face. Also peter looks superemo. 
In news unrelated to marvel apparently there is going to be a captain planet movie though I doubt it.
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