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I can't wait.... 0

This was quite a fun series to pick up and read each week. Some might have thought it boring and campy but I loved it. I really enjoyed how Eric Wallace handled the series after it was announced that it would be cancelled. He seemed to commit to every idea and story he wanted to tell with this book. And he did it with just eight issues. He told more story with those last few issues than I thought possible.The ending! Man oh man the ending. A story is only as good as its ending. Eric Wallace pull...

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"Spike and I are starting a band." 0

Season Nine is finally here and it feels like Buffy! Freefall Part One's storytelling is a little different than we normally see. It starts with Buffy waking up and then throughout the day she remembers events from the party the night before. The issue has a lot of great interaction with the Scooby Gang (Everyone's here! Well except for Oz). We get to see Buffy having a good time with her friends, new and old. We are introduced to two new characters. Buffy's roommates: Anaheed and Tumble. Tumble...

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"You will not be forgotten" 2

Here it begins. Season Nine becomes a banner that two titles fall under. I'm beginning to like that idea a lot. I'm also quite glad that the way this title and Buffy is shipping gives us a book every two weeks. I love the idea of getting a book every two weeks for two years and fifty issues.   Let me start with the art. I thought Jeanty's art was amazing and looked just like the actors but after seeing this I'm blown away. And I'm sure Urru is a great guy but I hated After the Fall's art. So Reb...

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"I feel cheated..." 2

I really enjoyed this issue. I wanna say I even liked it better than the last. This issue wraps ups all plot points. Ollie and his relationship to the forest. Jason Blood and Etrigan become one again. Ollie has a heart to heart with Galahad. The fight scene with Swamp Thing and the Dark Avatar was better here than in Brightest Day. Which that ending still hurts but I have recovered for the most part. Ollie is gonna go back to the city which is appropriate and should please the fans who did not l...

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I feel like I just got a blowjob... 1

Wow. Whoa. Alright. So that was good. Having not liked the overall conclusion to Brightest Day, I decided to check out the other bi-weekly series that I did not follow for a year. Between both of my LCS I was able to find all of the issues and even got about 10-12 of them for a buck a piece. Already off to a great start, huh? So last week or so I read the first five issues, and I though I would follow up and read just a few more yesterday. That didn't happen. I ended up reading them all. And man...

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...Finished? 0

So this issue is said to be the final issue of this volume. That being said it leads directly into Flashpoint. This issue wraps up the four part Road to Flashpoint arc and does so quite well. I am used to Kolins' art frankly because he is a Flash veteran and I am a Flash fan. So his art is fun to see now and again, but I think the reason I fell in love with this volume is because of Manapul's art style. While the two styles are similar they are also distinct and recognizable to their correspondi...

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I feel like I have just been raped... 10

... well I don't wanna take away from the rape victims but that is what it feels like. After a year and 25 issues this conclusion does not deliver. Over 80 dollars wasted. I LOVED Brightest Day before this issue. This probably isn't the worst issue I have read but it is definitely the worst conclusion. I had a year of time invested into this conclusion and what I get is not focused on the same heroes that the series focused on but an introduction of an older property. Swamp Thing. Really? He is ...

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