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I've been a bit disappointed with DC's Villain Month, I know that they wanted to tell stories from the perspective of the villains, but I have so far only read two comic books that legitimately captured my interest, and Harley Lives was one of them.I was legitimately excited to read Harley Lives because she is always the lingering Side-Kick of the Joker... we see her, but we don't know too much about her. I liked the fact that in this comic-book we got to see a little bit about her back story, a...

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A Bit Of A Let-Down :( 0

This was a comic book that I got for free when I purchased a graphic novel, I picked it out because the cover looked pretty cool, I wish that I would have chose something else :(Not that "Burn the Orphanage: Born To Lose #1" was a complete failure, I did enjoy the art work, and the first three pages did have a great set-up to what could have been an amazing story... but instead we follow "Rocky" (cliche name) as he punches and kicks his way through town trying to find out WHO BURNED DOWN HIS CHI...

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