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Live Long and Prosper!(A spoiler Free Review) 1

Okay, so my last review followed a format which I will follow in this one as well. We will begin with the cast, go to the plot/script, talk about the direction, swing into the disappointments/shortcomings, and finish up with the conclusion. So lets warp drive to talking about the cast shall we?The Cast:I loved the cast right off the bat. The characters were fresh, cool, and funny. No one felt unnecessary.The 1st I'd like to talk about is Chris Pine as Captain James Tiberius Kirk. When I was new ...

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Good Movie? Good Comicbook Movie? Or Both?(A Spoiler Free Review) 10

As you can see with the 5/5 rating, I loved it. So at least, it's a good movie. But anyway, let's start talking. I'll begin with the cast, then go to the plot/script, then the directing, swinging into my disappointments/movie shortcomings with the Conclusion last. 1st the Cast.The Cast:I have to say I loved the cast. As everyone knows, Robert Downy Jr. is arguably the most accurate, beloved portrayals of a comicbook character ever, and is ranked in the Top 3 for almost everyone's list, if not 1...

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