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Top Marvel Films

This is my favorites in order. The ranking system is the 5 star system which means 1/5 is hate, 2/5 is dislike, 3/5 is okay, 4/5 is like, and 5/5 is love. This means you should be expecting a lot of 4's and 5's out of 5.

List items

  • I know, I know. Confrontational choice for this spot. But it did things the other X-Men couldn't do(example friendship between Xavier and Magneto is unrivaled not just in X-Men but in fiction period)and even got some X-Men haters to want to watch the next X-Men movie.

    Definitely a 5/5

  • People may never understand why this is my favorite Spider-Man film. Here is my reason. The film got tears in my eyes. It established a emotional connection. It was a very deep love for this movie I got. I will admit this movie deserves flack in some areas and since it is a reboot it had a high bar to take. I found it aced its exams,if you didn't then I won't criticize you for that.

    I found this to be a 5/5

  • The greatest marvel cinematic movie period. I am not ashamed to admit that Avengers deserves higher. It definiely deserves #1. But somehow I couldn't bring myself to put it there as it never and may I say wasn't aiming to establish a emotional connection between me and the characters.

    Despite not establishing said emotional connection I give this a 5/5

  • A good movie, easily the best Marvel Cinematic Movie not about the team.


  • Was the best till Iron Man 3 for Single Character Marvel Cinematic Movies. Now its 2nd.

    And is without a doubt a 5/5.

  • I hope rumors are true that there will be a live action film of this as this is Marvel's best Hulk storyline and the best adapted to animated film.

    I love this film so much!


  • Seldom does the immediate sequel best the original. And even more seldom that it goes way beyond the original in every possible way. This is one of those even more seldom movies.


  • Hulk was the 1st superhero I ever loved and that was before I even liked or tolerated them. Ed Norton's Hulk was great, though it couldn't have been in Avengers and worked. Ruffalo's hulk wouldn't have worked in this movie.

    Overall I say this is a stunningly fun 5/5.

  • Iron Man has made Marvel the most powerful comicbook company in the world. This movie single-handedly brought back a dying genre. I love this film and so I give this a 5/5.

  • This movie is better than X2 in my opinion but isn't as good as Iron Man and so here it sits.


  • I have never understood the vast love for this film. It is a great movie but it isn't THAT great in my opinion(still got a 4.5 though :D).


  • A movie that has received flack and one that does not deserve it. This movie is easilly a 4.5/5

  • I love the video game and love the movie. This is a:


  • The Best MCU film of 2014. Highly enjoyed it. 4/5

  • An enjoyable movie. Sad its not as good as First Class but not many can be now can they? 4/5

  • To be honest this set way to high a bar for Avengers luckily it passed it but still it was unrealistically high.

    I like this film a lot 4/5.

  • This is just as good as Iron Man with improved casting for Rhodey. The villain stunk though. While it is just as good, I don't like it as much as it is different.

    I like this film and so give it a 4/5.

  • This is a excellent movie. I give it praise though I do have to say I find Hemsworth's performance passable, not great(not due to skill but to scripting reasons). The movie's female hero was okay nothing special. The real stars are Sif, Heimdall, Loki, and Odin. Without these actors and actresses I would say it was okay. With them I say it is a: 4/5.

  • I don't know why but this film's being good prevented the others from being Awesome. Green Goblin is the archenemy and he was allowed to make a impact and wasn't later on. This and Spider-Man 3 tie for the same spot just so you know.This film is and always will be(at least for a while LOL) a:4/5

  • This movie is the movie that got me into comics and so I like it a lot. But still it does have shortcomings I as a comicbook fan have a hard time forgiving. Gwen was horrible and Peter was a crybaby. This and Spider-Man tie for the same spot just so you know. Still a good film and I rate this: 4/5

  • I like this movie. Sure I liked it before I actually jumped into Ghost Rider comics but even after that I still liked it. Though not as highly as before.


  • My most anticipated comicbook movie of 2014 turned out to be such a disappointment. Not bad but not good. Mediocre is how I'd put it. 3/5

  • I like this film, it is very fun. It isn't the greatest and doesn't deserve loads of praise but still I like it and thus give it a:


  • I liked this film. Its not as bad as people say though it does deserve a lot of flack.


  • Okay this was a good film. Nothing special, just plain good fun.


  • Same as Hulk vs Wolverine a good film. NOthing special about it just plain good fun.


  • This is a mediocre film due to a horrible job with Jean Grey and the Phoenix Saga. Without that this would have been placed much higher. Despite my rating I sometimes like it more than what you see below. If you haven't seen this then watch it for all you know you could like this more than me. 2.5/5

  • This is a pathetic movie in so many ways. Still not bad though it is mediocre.


  • Invincible Iron Man was a horrible Iron Man film. This was Mediocre and so I give this a:


  • Daredevil is a horrible marvel movie. True I have not seen the extended version(could be very different for all I know)but at least for regular this is a:


  • Unlike the one below I finished this one and so I can say I give this a:


  • I came to expect a horrible film and got something way worse than that. This broke continuty with the 1st one in a matter of 3 minutes and was boring.