Top 100 Supervillains

My Top 100 favorite Supervillains from Marvel, DC and IDW in alphabetical order...enjoy

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  • Absorbing Man is a very interesting villain of Thor's and Hulk's

  • He's just I need to say more?

  • The ability to copy powers makes him one of the most powerful combatants in Comic history, plus his animated appearances have all been cool.

  • He is a deadly bug, beware him.

  • The deadliest mutant on the planet...COOL!

  • Arnim Zola is one of those villains you just know you're gonna like.

  • Atrocitus he has every right to be angry and man is a powerful dude.

  • Broke the bat...nuff said

  • Captain America's deadliest enemy and leader of HYDRA, and mastermind of the Masters of Evil...definitely a cool villain.

  • Give this guy respect...he is a very cool villain

  • The Turtles have few villains but he is definitely a awesome one...needs a movie all to himself.

  • Captain Marvel most powerful enemy and definitely a person to fear

  • Black Manta is Aquaman's archenemy no one is better at being a underwater villain than him.

  • A very deadly cool villain.

  • Brainiac is better than Lex, and I like Lex so...

  • He's a very cool Transformers villain.

  • Daredevil mortal foe and killer of most of his girlfriends.

  • Serial Killer who took Venom and Spider-Man together in order to defeat definitely makes him one of the best.

  • Master of I need to say more?

  • Russian powerhouse.

  • Crossbones wounded Captain America on various occasions he is without a doubt one of Cap's best villains. Man I hope this guy appears in Captain America 2.

  • Cheetah is a cool villain out of most DC superheroes' league but still cool. Man I wish she was in Marvel...would make a good member of the Masters of Evil and a awesome Spider-Man villain.

  • I like her in Young Justice.

  • Darkseid is more brains than brawn and beats almost everyone in brawn so...

  • My all time favorite supervillain.

  • Dr. Octopus is a cool villain...4 robotic arms...I want em.

  • Eddie is cool, Eddie is bad. villain.

  • Killed Superman and showed he is mortal and can bleed for that alone he deserves to be on the list

  • Electro is a very powerful cool supervillain...I am a fan.

  • Enchantress is powerful/Cool villain.

  • Fin Fang Foom the sleeping dragon...I am such a big fan of yours.

  • Ghost is powerful and just plain cool and I especially like him in Iron Man armored adventures.

  • Gorilla Grodd is all time favorite DC Supervillain.

  • Grim Reaper is a villain no one wants to meet

  • Great villain

  • Hobgoblin is a villain who gained my respect in every area I went...he just had to appear in Top 100 supervillains.

  • The Clone Saga...ah the wonderful clone saga, he is definitely a impressive villain

  • Batman's one meet this guy in a dark alley.

  • Juggernaut debuted more powerful than Magneto did and he tanned the X-Men's hide...He is so cool!

  • A villain who hires other villains to do his dirty work...

  • Killer Croc to me is a scarier villain than Joker and if I had to choose which I had to meet I would choose Joker cause this guy would eat me and Joker would just blow me up.

  • Kang is awesome and the time traveling conqueror what more info do you need?

  • Crime Boss and archenemy to Daredevil...Nuff said.

  • Klaw killed Black Panther's dad and is his archenemy...NUFF SAID.

  • Chief Medical Decepticon

  • Most powerful Lantern of any color...NUFF SAID.

  • Guy who is as smart as the Hulk is strong NUFF SAID.

  • Lex is Superman's arch-nemesis and has had many cool moments.

  • The first Spider-Man villain I ever loved. My all time favorite Spider-Man villain and one of my favorites period.

  • Thor's arch-nemesis. He is powerful and really,really dangerous...NUFF SAID.

  • Mac Gargan is a cool villain, hopefully someday we'll see him on the big screen someday.

  • She is a awesome villain and I like her in Iron Man Armored Adventures

  • Man-Ape member of a opposing religion in Wakanda...definitely a interesting villain. Hope He and Black Panther appear in a movie soon.

  • The Mandarin is awesome and I hope he is in Iron Man 3. I love him in Iron Man Armored Adventures, hopefully(though doubtfully) they will give Mandarin a armor similar to it in Iron Man 3.

  • Mastermind is a illusionist and one of the deadliest mutants ever.

  • Mongul is evil and powerful...Nuff said.

  • Okay any Transformers fan has to have him on his favorite villains list.

  • A talking ape and a genius...I just love apes and he just had to be on the list.

  • Morbius is a cool villain, man I hope he is in one of the Spider-Man movies soon.

  • Freeze! Nuff said.

  • X-Men's greatest villain(Magneto ain't a villain) NUFF SAID.

  • The 2nd Spider-Man villain I fell in love with...he ties for 2nd with Green Goblin.

  • She is a cool villain, I like her.

  • The most powerful Sentinel I would hate to be a mutant if I ever met this guy

  • The Green Goblin arch-nemesis to Spider-Man. Man this guy is pure awesomeness.

  • Obadiah Stane is good...Nuff said

  • Omega Red is the type of villain that has to be in the Top 100...just does

  • Onslaught is awesome...NUFF SAID

  • Parasite is deadly and should have been the villain in Superman: Man of Steel

  • Purple Man a guy who is the kinda guy who'll make you wet your pants...a rapist and a down right hatable villain

  • A very great villain.

  • Ra's Al Ghul is just awesome in Batman Begins for that alone he should be on the list.

  • Worse than Hitler...NUFF SAID

  • Rhino is the brawniest Spider-Man villain and would be cool to see on the Silver Screen.

  • Riddle Me this...

  • Sabretooth is evil and Wolverine's nemesis

  • Sandman is Stan Lee's favorite Spider-Man villain and he is a memorable villain.

  • Sauron is a good villain...NUFF SAID.

  • DC's Scarecrow is definitely one of the best in comics and was just superb in Batman Begins.

  • The Shadow King is a deadly telepath...everyone should fear this guy.

  • TMNT's arch-nemesis, he is one of the best comicbook villains ever.

  • It would be a shock for him not to be on the list. Pun intended

  • Creates the Dinobots in the game Transformers Fall of Cybertron. He is a truly epic villain.

  • Sinestro is one of the deadliest Lanterns. He made the entire Green Lantern Corps wish he hadn't gone bad in the "I'm gonna die" way...that alone makes him need to be on Top 100. While currently a hero he does make the list because of his time as a bad guy.

  • Solomon Grundy is a cool villain

  • Soundwave is a cool villain.

  • Starscream is a awesome villain

  • Marvel's Amazo...I am totally a fan and as a character he just totally outshines Amazo.

  • Super-Skrull is definitely a cool villain.

  • Surtur made Odin look weak that alone makes him one of the greatest villains of all time.

  • He is a cool guy with cool abilities.

  • Thanos is a deadly, cool villain and I can't wait to see him in Avengers 2.

  • The Brain is cool...NUFF SAID.

  • He is the Hulk's Arch-nemesis and one of the greatest villains of all time.

  • Titanium Man is wicked cool.

  • Ulik the Troll is a good villain and I would love to see him in a Thor movie someday.

  • He is deadly and is awesome in JLA.

  • Ultron in EMH was so COOL! And his character in comics is just as cool.

  • Vandal Savage is just plain awesome.

  • I've only liked him in Iron Man Armored Adventures and a few comics. To me I think he deserves a spot just for his performance in Iron Man Armored Adventures.


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