Top 10 DLC Characters I want in Injustice Gods Among Us

These are the top 10 most wanted DLC Characters in order enjoy...

List items

  • With all the want for him, I'm surprised he hasn't been selected.

  • I'm really surprised he wasn't in the game as a playable character as I think he would have been good for the story.

  • She is one of my favorite DC Heroines. I would love for her to appear in the game as playable cause man would she be fun to play.

  • We already have Sinestro now all we need is Atrocitus.

  • Any DC Fan wants to play this guy. Though he would need to be seriously powered down.

  • He is to be honest the one I probably would enjoy the most.

  • Aquaman's the only guy from his section of the DC Universe compared to every other character has at least their archenemy(heck even Wonder Woman got Ares). So its high time Black Manta was available.

  • While I want him, there are a bunch of other bat characters already in the game and one more seems like to much...still I would love for him to be in it. Screw it if they're to much...I want him.

  • I love Red Tornado and he would be truly unique and a blast to play.

  • Carol is the most wanted female character for DLC on my list. She would I think play differently than the others(Atrocitus would be more brawny while Carol would be more agile).

  • Would be nice if he was available to those who didn't pre-order the game.