Favorite the Flash(CW) Characters

These are my favorite The Flash characters from least to greatest meaning my favorite is the last one shown. Hope you enjoy it will definitely surprise you I can guarantee it!

List items

  • He's the guy wells killed. Yeah I didn't remember him either but he counts so...

  • Forgettable but still existed. Pretty lame character I think.

  • Only just met her but seeing her begs the question, when will I see Wally?

  • Rainbow Raider most memorable thing about him was he made Barry angry and gave us Arrow vs Flash, I remember what he did more than him, so he's slightly better than those 2 I guess.

  • General Eiling, pretty easy to forget at this moment but he was okay.

  • Her teleportation makes a very interesting fight versus Flash's speed that's something right?

  • Plastique was okay, Cisco's reactions around her were priceless...

  • Heat Wave only has had 1 episode but as soon as he gets more, I think I'll start liking him more.

  • Iris is an annoying character. I can't help disliking her.

  • Blackout only had 1 episode but I enjoyed his time in it.

  • The most memorable of the 1 time villains thus far. His story was sufficiently tragic and was memorable unlike all the other 1 time villains.

  • For some reason, I'm not a big fan of Caitlin. Why? I don't know, I guess she's just not special. Her turning villain will probably be the best thing that ever happened to the character(character development wise), At least she won't also be saying "Ronnie! Ronnie!" all the time then.

  • Girder only had a few episodes(2 I think) but turning that time he had good character development and died a good death.

  • Firestorm has only had like 2 episodes right now but he's certainly going to develop a lot in Nuclear Man episode and even without said development I've already enjoyed him a bit.

  • His story is tragic and a sufficient hook for me. From this point I care a tremendous ammount for them.

  • Barry's life may have been tragic but he's a fun superhero to have around, just please don't sing with a drunk Caitlin again okay?

  • Out of all the good heroes on the team, he's my favorite. He's got depth and is funny. Not just any character can have this awesome a line, "Which she means is he was mostly a jerk. But, every once in a while, he could be a d*ck."

    Awesomeness like that, can't come from just anyone. CW you have a special character here take care of him.

  • The hook on the show for most of its run for me. He may not be now, but he still is a draw. He's so fun to see in action. Wells, I think you're one of the best the show has to offer.

  • Joe is the best good guy on the show. His heatfelt moments with Barry can't be done by just any character or any actor. This is solid gold. CW be careful how you treat him. Don't mess up.

  • The Best character not just in the Flash show but on live action TV period. I enjoy his presence greatly. Something about becoming a villain(and a good one at that) because he did the right thing will always stick with me.

    I've got this feeling in the final showdown with Wells he'll be there to help. At least I hope so.