DC Universe: Unused Potential for Peace in their Universe

A few months back I thought of telepathy and how it could(at least temporally) cure the world of evil. This of course would wipe out free will and in a sense would put telepaths in power over others to dictate their morality and so I discarded it and realized that wouldn't work.

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But then a few weeks later, I remembered in the DC Universe a team of superheroes called the Indigo Tribe. Now the Indigo Tribe is in all intends and purposes just another old Lantern Corps. Green Lanterns are powered by Will, Red Lanterns by Rage, Star Sapphires by love, Orange Lanterns by Greed and I could go down the list for all of them.

Indigo Tribe(lets call them Indigo Lanterns to make it easier for me) is powered by compassion. However there is a twist here that makes them very, very different. They need as their members people who are devoid of compassion.

Now that got me thinking, why is the tribe so small then? I know of a lot of people who lack compassion. I know you do too. How many pscyopaths, rapists, and the like have appeared in comics alone? Now all these people are devoid of compassion. So why then is the Indigo Tribe so small. DC's Earth(and those very important to its history) if given lets say 20 would be changed forever. Imagine if the 20 I am about to mention were given Indigo Power Rings: Lex Luthor, Joker, Darkseid, Brainiac, Scarecrow, Riddler, Ares, Deadshot, Ra's Al Ghul, Felix Faust, Gorilla Grodd, General Zod, Deathstroke, Bane, Vandal Savage, Black Adam, Black Manta, Harley Quinn, Mongul, and Circe.

So now you say I've gone to far with their concept. But I haven't, and here is my proof. Before Hal received his ring, Abin Sur had it, he heard that the Guardians would go bad and created the Indigo Lanterns to help in the final battle, and so he caught a killer(who killed his daughter by the way) and gave her a Indigo Power Ring(and staff) at that moment she changed to a compassionate person and one of the good guys. Now if it works on your average murderer/psychopath why not on these big guys or maybe even your average day villain.

Now I think I just made the DC Universe much more boring. Joker is a good guy. Harley is a good guy. Heck we even have Darkseid! What good stories do we now have? Well I left out Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Talia Al Ghul, and a few others I couldn't think of. Well wait! Give me more Indigo Power Rings! Now! Give them to these 3, They are good guys now too! Now what do we have? Name one. I'll give it to him or her.

So now I am a Good Guy, You have no right, NO RIGHT TO FEAR ME!
So now I am a Good Guy, You have no right, NO RIGHT TO FEAR ME!

So now I ask you. Does the DC Universe have potential of Universe wide Peace? I say yes. Even those people with enough compassion to not warrant a power ring, they would be guarded by the thousands of Lanterns already around. Lets face it, we're reading DC stories cause the writers are overriding this thought and so in a sense we could cry WIS(or writer induced stupidity) for every one of the stories ever in the DC Universe. We could also cry PIS(Plot induced stupidity).

So, if you have a answer to refute my claims, please give it, but to be honest I doubt anyone will. If you are able to refute this, I'd love to here your answer so I can enjoy DC Universe stories again like I used too(as when you accept everything as WIS and PIS enjoyment is kinda clouded or completely destroyed in some cases).


My 2012 Movie Awards Part 6: Best Fight

Like I've stated in my previous blogs that Dredd can't win anything in my section as I have not seen the movie.

All 3 battles were pretty epic. Batman got his back broke and then led a army of cops to save Gotham. Spider-Man goes to save people from a chemical gas with a leg wounded and faces a opponent who has beaten him twice before(and he wasn’t even hurt then). And then Avengers with that epic battle against the Chitauri.

The Final Battle(again sorry for the horrible picture but its the best I could find)
The Final Battle(again sorry for the horrible picture but its the best I could find)

So what did I pick you ask? Well the most powerful, the most epic was Avengers. That final fight was nearly a hour long and out did every other one. This again does not mean the other fights were bad. Again I say to the contrary but a hour long fight that keeps everyone entertained and is visually stunning and cool is a hard thing to best.

As I’ve stated Avengers wins.

johnkmccubbins91 said this:

The best fight has to be the final fight in The Avengers between the Avengers and the Chitauri. The fight was epic, and it showed some of the best action sequences I've seen in any film comic, or otherwise. The way Hulk smashed through one of their robotic snake creatures (don't know their name) was amazing, and the way the entire team handled themselves was also great. The scene where Hulk punches Loki was also very memorable, as was Captain America ordering Hulk to SMASH! Don't get me wrong this fight was much better than just the Hulk's appearance, as Cap commanded perfectly, Black Widow improvised perfectly, and Iron Man showed selflessness, something that he doesn't show as often even though he's a hero. The score for the fight was also brilliant, as it really set the mood, and tone of the fight. The fight between Batman and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was also brilliant, and a top contender, but it just doesn't match the Avengers fight.


My 2012 Movie Awards Part 5: Best Supporting Character

Again I have to say that Dredd cannot win anything in my area as I have not seen the movie. I would also like to mention that for this category Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye cannot win as I do not count him in this category(this also means that the other person's comment on the topic can't have him win as well). You are probably asking which category he is in. I personally have to say that I put him in the Male Hero category as he is a Avenger in his own right and no Avenger in my book is a supporting cast. With that out of the way lets get down to the topic.

While all the comic book movies had great supporting characters no character in my book topped Michael Caine’s performance as Alfred. While only having a small role in the film this is perhaps why he wins. Why you ask. Well Alfred’s role in the film was to make Batman die and Bruce Wayne live and this can be seen throughout the film as it is its theme. Alfred personified that goal to perfection doing it in such a way as to bring a emotional tug.

Michael Caine as Alfred
Michael Caine as Alfred

I will not lie and say that Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man were close in this category. I found none even came close for me. I have been a fan of Michael Caine's performance as Alfred for some time and despite great supporting casts for all the movies, no character came close in my book.

This does not mean that I underestimate the other movies’ supporting characters or even Dark Knight Rises’ own supporting cast. On the contrary I find they all did great and deserve some reward or other. Just to name a few examples: Gary Oldman was once again amazing as Gordon, Martin Sheen was superb as Uncle Ben. And without the great performance by Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson the Avengers couldn’t have been the awesome ground breaking movie it was.

As I said Michael Caine as Alfred wins.

johnkmccubbins91 had this to say

Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon in Dark Knight Rises. Now although I didn't rank DKR to high in the films of this year, actually being slightly disappointed I did however think that the cast was brilliant (besides her that played Talia). I would have picked Hawkeye, but I was told that he didn't count so I couldn't think of anyone better than Gordon. Although Michael Caine as Alfred has been my favourite supporting character throughout the trilogy he didn't really have a big enough role in DKR to qualify, but Oldman as Gordon did. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Oldman as an actor, loving him in certain films, and hating him in another, but he just nailed this role, and I don't think there'll be a better Gordon. He showed the characteristics of Gordon perfectly, and showed that although Batman is willing to think about going that extra step that he won't.

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My 2012 Movie Awards Part 4: Best Director

Again Dredd cannot win(at least in my section anyway) because I have not seen the film.

All 3 movies had great directors. For this one I think it is probably the easiest category for me to judge. When judging movies you have to remember the 3 important aspects of a movie. The Director, the script and the cast. All good movies are at least passable in each of these areas.

I feel that with Avengers the script or the cast weren’t necessarily the thing that made the film great. Sure they were awesome and made the movie something special but I think it was the guiding hand of Joss Whedon that truly made the film. Some films’ directors blend into the film like with Amazing Spider-Man and some movies have a director who is just passable or to our ultimate horror is atrocious(looking at you Michael Bay).

Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon singlehandedly brought Marvel to a new level making a All-Star team work(a feat DC will have a hard time replicating). I will also add that with him at the helm I see a high future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To end this I will quote our favorite actor for Captain America Chris Evans who said: “The Fact that it came out the way it [The Avengers] did….God, man. That Joss. That Joss Whedon. Thank God for Joss Whedon! It's him. I owe that guy.”

As I’ve said I give this to Joss Whedon.

johnkmccubbin91 had this to say:

Although there have been a few director's that have produced some marvelous films over this year, it's still easy to pick the best. Christopher Nolan may have given the best Batman trilogy (The Dark Knight Rises being the newest) that there'll ever be, and Mark Webb did a brilliant job on The Amazing Spider-Man (he should have with the name Webb), but without a shadow of a doubt Joss Whedon is the Best Director for The Avengers. Marvel couldn't have gotten anyone better to merge all these characters together than Whedon. The man has produced some of the finest TV series' in the last decade, and a half with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, whilst also writing, or directing brilliant films including Serenity, and Cabin in the Woods. This doesn't necessarily mean that he'd do a good job on a comic book film, but with some amazing comic book stories under his belt, including, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, and Nine, and Astonishing X-Men he was perfect for the director of Avengers. In saying that I had slight doubts before the film arrived in cinemas thinking that it'd be too good to be true having an amazing writer, and director create the best comic book film ever, but he did. I've always thought that Whedon's best ability in writing, and directing is his ability to adapt, and develop characters, and he showed that in this film. With all the different ego's and characteristics in the team it would be easy to fail miserably, but Whedon takes all his experience, and gives something emotional, and jaw-droppingly amazing visual wise, and he really deserves Best Director.


My 2012 Movie Awards Part 3: Best Villain

As I've mentioned in previous 2 parts Dredd cannot win anything as I've not seen the film.

2012’s villains were all great. But they all fit the general position there movie is taking. Imagine a spectrum of Emotional on the left, Action on the right, and a point somewhere in the middle. Avengers as far as I’m concerned is the right, Amazing Spider-Man the left, and DKR in the middle. Why mention that here?

Well that is because I picked to go with emotional a.k.a. Lizard. This guy received way to much flack in my opinion and wasn’t even aiming at being the best villain ever. This villain I think is the only villain I’ve ever seen that I didn’t want to see destroyed even after the horrors accomplished. That doesn't mean I haven't pitied any villains on the contrary, I just found I felt bad but didn't mind there destruction and maybe even kinda hoped. As I said he is the only villain I can remember who I did not want to see destroyed.

Rhys Ifan as Curt Connors/the Lizard
Rhys Ifan as Curt Connors/the Lizard

Loki was good but as I said remember that spectrum he was there for action scenes and when I’m judging the villains I guarantee you emotion will win more times than not(there are exceptions like everything though). This is not to underestimate his excellence in his role as he is Loki. Bane was awesome don’t get me wrong but I don’t see him as aiming for being a awesome villain. He was good but wasn’t aiming for that. He was aiming at bringing Bale’s Batman into the spotlight and accomplished it.

I will admit Loki deserves this award but I find I can't give it. I wish I could but as I said I cannot.

As I’ve said I give this to Lizard.

Johnkmccubbin91 had this to say:

The best villain is an easy choice, Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers. Although Tom Hardy also did a good job as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, it was nowhere near as good as Hiddleston's performance. I loved Hiddleston as Loki in Thor, but he somehow managed to step it up to another gear for Avengers. He showed that Loki was a very manipulative character, that wanted to get even for the wrongs that were committed upon him. Hiddleston also showed Loki's evil side perfectly, and I loved the way that it looked like he was going to do one thing, whilst planing, or doing another. I also like that Hiddleston has shown that deep down Loki just wants to be accepted, and cause he's not he causes mayhem. I also think that Hiddleston showed a comical side during this film, as there were a couple of scenes that had funny moments. I think that it's Hiddleston's theatrical background that helped him with his role, as I've always considered Asgardian's, and characters from the Thor comics as very theatrical, and dramatic characters.


My 2012 Movie Awards Part 2: Best Actress in Lead Role

For Part 2 I mention Actress in Lead Role. Again as I said in the 1st part Dredd and all its stars cannot win by default because I have not seen the movie.

I think it is pretty much a given that the star of most of the comic book movies of 2012 was the Leading Actress. This rule was only broken in Avengers which was in my opinion the wrong course of action(but that is another topic). Picking between Catwoman and Gwen Stacy is really hard but for this one I have to say Gwen Stacy for the fact that she made the movie. Hooking me on a romance is hard. I almost always back them but the ones I remember are few and far between. This happens to be the first since 2003’s Return of the King. Not just that but also Gwen Stacy could not be hated. While I do like(okay I’ll say it LOVE) Catwoman I can’t really say that about her.

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

As I’ve said I give this to Gwen Stacy.

johnkmccubins91 had this to say

Now this is a hard choice for me. I would say that the best actress in a lead role has to be Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man. Although I also loved Ann Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Catwoman has already appeared in live action format many times, and although Hathaway was one of the better actresses to portray the role she wasn't the very best. This makes it easier to choice Stone's portrayal as Gwen, as she was brilliant as the character, and I was wanting to see Gwen in a film for a while (I don't really count Spider-Man 3 Gwen as she came after Mary Jane, and wasn't used properly. Gwen was Peter Parker's first love, and to see the reboot show this was very nice. Now I'm not just picking Stone cause she played a character I'd been wanting to see for a long time, I'm picking her because she also did a brilliant job. The chemistry between her and Andrew Garfield (who played Peter) was astonishing, and she really showed that the character was strong willed, and had convictions, as well as being kind, and caring. I for one am looking forward to seeing the progression of Gwen and Peter's relationship in the next film, and that's mainly due to the actors playing them.


My 2012 Movie Awards Part 1: Best Actor in Lead Role

I have decided to put up my own 2012 movie awards. I will tell you I have not seen Dredd so that by default cannot win anything. The 1st award is Best Actor in Lead Role. And so down to my reasoning.

Its true when people say the best compliment you can give to a actor is that he wasn’t in it. This happened in Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man and DC’s Dark Knight Rises.

To be honest picking between the 2 is extremely difficult. However I have to give Christian Bale the edge. Before that I thought he did a passable job. DKR showed this to be wrong. He was doing a excellent job in those first two but was outclassed by characters who make Batman, Batman.

I do not know why I thought Bale’s was only passable as when I think back I also considered it as Batman in the film and Bale wasn’t in it…As I stated I think it was Batman was outclassed as a character by Joker and Ra's Al Ghul in the 1st 2 movies.

Christian Bale's Batman
Christian Bale's Batman

This is not to underestimate the great things Andrew Garfield accomplished. On the contrary. Andrew Garfield was Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Its just that since there was another actor immediately before that didn’t act like Spider-Man the change to someone actually being Spider-Man while big isn’t as major(in my book).

As I stated I give this award to Christian Bale’s Batman.

K4TZM4N had this thought:

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd. Most of the time you'll say things like, "yeah, that actor did a good job as the character," but every now and then you'll see a movie and instead say, "yeah, that actor is that character!" This happened with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark... and it's exactly what happened for Karl Urban as Judge Dredd. Emotionless yet captivating, calm yet aggressive, Urban did a brilliant job as the anti-hero and I desperately want to see him return for a sequel. And unlike someone else out there, he never took off his helmet (here's lookin' at you, Pete), so this powerful performance was limited to just his lines and piercing frown. Now that's impressive. Simply put: Urban is Dredd.