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  • BlueEcho posted a message in the forum topic CCC #98 - Voting Thread. on the Fan-Fic board

    Congrats to Tommy

  • BlueEcho posted a message in the forum topic So I'm working on a story & I was wondering if blood & viscera could extinguish Napalm or Tar.. on the Off-Topic board

    Tar and napalm are so deadly not because they burn but because they stick to things and burn. Blood is mostly water and could put out fires, but regular water would not be very effective because it ...

  • BlueEcho posted a message in the forum topic Can Liberals Survive the Apocalypse?. on the Off-Topic board

    Women are more likely to vote left than men and if there is anything to be learned from PA movies it's that you dont let the women die.Also assuming that people don't give up their political allegianc...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Round Two.

    The underlying idea behind a crossover is not the worst in comics (though it often lends itself to some massive misfires) but when that turns into a hero vs. hero story, then it usually goes off the ...

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  • BlueEcho wrote a review of .
    Perfect but not permanent

    The concept of others lifting Thor's hammer often leads to a great deal of debate, of whether or not it is even possible. (spoilers ahead). This has played out most famously on the big screen in the ...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Claws!.
    Lack of clarity

    This issue and the issues leading up to it might be forgotten chapters of silver age comic publishing were it not for a couple of major occurances in this story lines (spoilers ahead). The first is ...

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  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Right Between the Eons!.
    Better approach would have helped

    This issue continues the segmented story, with half of the team still in the Old West fighting Kang and the other half in modern day fighting the Squadron Supreme and Roxxon. The story here comes of...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of The Dream Factories of Doctor Destiny!.
    Carries the momentum

    Compared to the heavier content of the previous issue, this one returns to what can be considered to be a more-or-less standard Justice League story. With Doctor Destiny identified as the villain, t...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of But Can An Android Dream?.

    This is an issue with a surprising amount of depth for the silver age. Instead of taking an approach of the heroes battling some global threat, it instead deals with the fall-out of a previous issue...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Beware the Black Widow!.
    Black tight bodysuit

    The Spider-Man series were well known for a variety of firsts surrounding some major characters, usually first appearances for those in the Spider-Man villains gallery. This is a rarer case as the o...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Blind Man's Bluff!.
    Introduction is over

    This issue marks a final issue for a few different themes in this series. It is first of all the end of the short three part re-introduction of Moondragon to the Marvel Universe, and here as a hero....

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Life Be Not Proud!.
    On the mend

    The ongoing retelling of Moondragon's story continues here, as the action that had been set up in the previous issue escalates quickly. With four supervillains on the loose in the city, plus one mas...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Menace From The Moons Of Saturn!.
    Cosmic Man in Red

    This issue serves as a reintroduction of Moondragon to the Marvel Universe, this time with a less villainous approach (though she still serves as an antagonist here). With an actual background for t...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Sub-Mariner: Target For Death!.

    This otherwise mundane issue also signifies the introduction of Moondragon (given the bizarre name of Madame MacEvil here) into the Marvel universe. Though somewhat of a secondary character to the ov...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Go West, Young Gods!.
    Not the same appeal

    Seen with maybe a bit more quaint nostalgia these days, meetups between modern superheroes and the heroes of the Old West were more common in the silver age, as the general interest in crossovers in ...

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of Enemy of the People Part One.
    Media matters

    Aside from her 1960s romance comic inspired series and a few other examples here and there in her publication history, Lois Lane has mostly stayed as a supporting character in Superman stories. This...

  • BlueEcho posted a message in the forum topic Interview with a Viner: Renchamp. on the Off-Topic board

    @cloudguy said:@renchamp Interview is live!Great interview guys. Glad to see Renchamp on here, I interacted with him a bit when I was heavier into the wiki. Now I don't see much of anybody.

  • BlueEcho wrote a review of What if No One Was Watching the Watcher?.

    Although intended to be humourous, the laughs are not really that evident here, buts its lighthearted approach at least makes this a fun read. The best story is the first, where Galactus is transfor...