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My Top Ten MLP Characters:

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  • My favorite MLP character is now a member of the Wonderbolts. She is fast, athletic, and loyal to her friends. She is the most popular MLP character by far. She is a pegasus pony with blue skin/fur and Rainbow colored hair on her mane and tail. She is awesome. She is the Element of Loyalty.

  • This tomboyish mare is an Earth pony. She loves to work with her family on the farm and is very loyal to it. She is also the Element of Honesty.

  • The funnest party pony you will ever know, Pinkamena Diane Pie, or Pinkie Pie, as she likes to be called, is the most optimistic pony you will ever meet. She is the Element of Laughter and is very fun-loving and carefree.

  • Villain at one point in MLP, Princess Luna now stands beside Princess Celestia in ruling Equestria. She is an anti-heroine now who is popular among fans.

  • The spirit of chaos and disharmony, this "Joker" and "Q" like being is a very powerful, omnipotent being. He represents disharmony but has went from villain to hero to anti-hero very frequently. He currently is the anti-hero of MLP, much like Princess Luna is the anti-heroine of MLP.

  • This CMC member is a very small filly with a big dream of having a cutie mark. Now having a cutie mark that represents her friendship with her two friends, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, she can now live in peace

  • The leader of the Wonderbolts, this mare has quite the domineering attitude towards new recruits and is very cold in her demeanor to Rainbow Dash. She is very fast flyer and lieutenant of the Wonderbolts.

  • A wonderbolts member. Commonly paired with #1, Rainbow Dash.

  • This kind-hearted mare is a very shy, quiet, and mellow pony with a care for animals. She represents the Element of Kindness.

  • Fun-loving sister of Applejack and probably the most determind pony in Equestria, aside from the Mane 6.