The Top 6 Worst "DC YOU" Comics Out Right Now

Right now DC is experimenting with many new titles and taking current titles in new directions. Batman is Jim Gordon, Superman lost [most] of his powers, and Hal Jordan is the only Lantern flying around. There are new series like "The Omega Men" and "Prez" which break the mold of what a DC series can be. That being said, not all of the titles have impressed, in fact, quite a few are underwhelming. These are my Top 5 worst DC YOU comics out right now. [ P.S. Pictures are not all updated ]

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  • Oh, Scott Lobdell. This comic is about a kid who could turn into some kind of Doomsday(?) and is called "Doomed". Doomed is what this title is, it is already scheduled for cancellation.

  • Right after its first arc, this book became a mess. Convoluted, confusing, and just not feeling like a Teen Titans book at all. The art isn't even consistent anymore.

  • No, not Azzarello and Chiang's run, because that was great. This is the follow up by Meredith Finch and David Finch. Even though David Finch's art is still nice to look at, it doesn't feel like a good Wonder Woman book, Meredith Finch's characterization of the characters are all wrong especially Donna Troy. This book needs a new creative team fast.

  • Dan Jurgens is a great writer and Bernard Chang's art is fantastic, so why doesn't this book work? Because it is focusing on the wrong story. This is not the "Batman Beyond" you watched before, its not even Terry Mcginnis. Its Tim Drake and a whole other future, spinning off of Futures End, it is dissappointing because I know this creative team could do much better if they had a better story to tell

  • Geoff Johns and Jeff Parker both did excellent work with Arthur Curry in their respective runs, but Cullen Bunn had fans outraged before the release of the first issue. A new look, new powers, and a more lone ranger attitude was not the way Aquaman should have been treated, and fans agreed. It was like they were trying to make Aquaman more like Jason Momoa because of the DCCU, they were trying to make him "cooler" but they didn't truly understand the character.

  • The "Before Truth" storyline of Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr. is the story that was in charge of giving us the story of how Superman's identity went public, but unfortunately, it was handled poorly. This was the book to get excited for! Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr. is a creative team that has so much potential, but the first arc was just underwhelming. Hopefully this comic book gets better with its next arc.