Is the 616 the main universe in all the Marvel multiverse or just the one Marvel focuses on?

This question's been bothering me for a while. I would like to know if 616 is like the ''head universe'' or just some random Universe Marvel chose to focus on. I know Stan Lee created 616 but since his time, there have been a boat ton of Universes. Earth-1610 AKA Ultimate Marvel is another Universe that is still being written. So what do you guys think?


Who is Spider Hero?

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If you're read Mighty Avengers #1, you may be wondering the same thing. So I'll be listing a few ideas and you can, too.

1, Another Spider-Clone = I don't know why but since Jackal's been in team up recently, I've thought he was gonna make another clone.

2, Miles Morales = Now not the one that was supposed to come from the Ultimate Universe. (The Ultimate titles ARE getting cancelled but briefly and only for Cataclysm) The one that was confirmed/hinted at the end of Spider-Men. I say this because Spider Hero looked a bit older then Miles in the Ultimate universe. But this could easily be the writer's interpretation.

3, The Luc Fashion designer = I just thought I should bring him up. He designs the costumes so I thought he should get an honorable mention.

So anyways, post your thoughts down below.


Will 'Infinity' actually be an important part of Marvel history or just another lame event?

The title says the main idea of this blog :P. But really, I was just got my copy of Infinity pt. 2, and I was like ''Should I get the rest of the series?''. I have to say, the current Avengers series (Written by Jonathan Hickman) has been too lackluster of my tastes. So, if you have any idea what the ''point'' of 'Infinity' is, leave it in the comments bellow!


Could Superior Spider-Man go on forever?

This question has baffled me for quite some time now. Could Otto remain as the wall crawler?

Since Otto eliminated Peter Parker's ''ghost'' from his mind, Otto has had full control over his actions. Could Otto's run as Spider-Man never end? I have come to the conclusion that Otto CAN stay as Spidey forever because Miles Morales will become the ''likable Spidey''. (If you didn't know that the Ultimate Universe was gonna end and MM would be sent to 616, sorry to be the one to let you know :/)

Tell me your thoughts in the comments