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Marvel Memorial

Deceased Marvel Comics characters that I wish were still alive.

Honorary mention for characters that could have made this list, but have returned: Colossus, Psylocke, Captain America, Hawkeye, Vision, Mockingbird, Winter Soldier, Human Torch, Apocalypse (Genesis), Enchantress, Omega Red, Sabretooth, Mystique, Blink, Cypher, Black Bolt, Cable, X-man, Marrina, Snowbird, Sasquatch, Hellcat, Darkstar, Odin.

New Editions to the Honorable Mentions List: Thor and Wasp

List items

  • I think she is technically the Phoenix right now, but I want her back to her original Jean Grey self. If they can depower Scarlet Witch to a normal level, I feel like they can de-phoenix Jean Grey. Plus it would be awesome for her to take on some kind of role at the Wolverine's new institute. And how would she deal with Cyclops and Emma's relationship if she was officially back? Move on to another X-man? Wolverine?

  • The AoA Nightcrawler is not good enough. I miss our Kurt.

  • Same as Nightcrawler. Siryn replacing Banshee is not good enough. I miss the original.

  • I don't think he got a great storyline. I wish his character had been developed more.

  • Now that Carol Danvers is taking on the Captain Marvel mantel, I think it would be awesome to see her interact with Mar-Vell. She can't though because he is dead.

  • She should not have died. They should have kept Scott Lang dead, instead.

  • Apparently he just died? It is a shame. I would have liked to see him take on the hero mantle. He could have been awesome on X-force.

  • Why did they kill both Native American X-men? It is a shame. Forge's experience with Magic and Technology was cool. Plus the way he went crazy and basically killed himself was kind of lame to me.

  • I do not know if she is alive or if she is hidden within someone's subconscious, but I think she is one of my favorite X-men villains. She is ruthless, intelligent, and pure evil. I want her to come back and kick some more Xavier ass. I would also love to see a confrontation between her and Magneto, especially after what she did to Genosha.

  • He is one of the most important villains in Marvel History. With Loki, Dr. Doom, Norman Osborn, and Magneto still alive, I feel like we are missing something without Red Skull. I know his daughter has taken up his mantle, but I still miss the original.

  • I wish I could have seen Sway interact with the actual X-men.

  • Same as Sway. I wish I could have seen her interact with the actual X-men.

  • HE IS ALIVE. I know. But I kind of feel like his character died when he took on Hela. I wish he had stayed as a part of the X-men instead of going to X-factor. He had a really cool storyline with respect to his powers, his visual mutation, and his connection to the Deadly Genesis storyline.

  • His death was ridiculous to me. I understand his storyline with the Shiar, and I think that needed to be addressed, but he did not need to die. His connection as a Summers brother, his storyline in Deadly Genesis, and his Omega powers could have made for a great villain. I just wish he had made it back to Earth.

  • I wish we could see her relationship with Mystique and Blindfold explored further.

  • I realize his nephew has taken up the mantle of Black Goliath, but Bill Foster was awesome. His death during Marvel Civil War was tragic. I wonder what he would have thought of Thomas joining the Revengers.

  • Greek God of War! How can he be dead?!

  • I thought Sentry had a pretty cool story with respect to the Void. It is too bad Norman Osborn got to him.

  • I love British Psylocke! She is technically Kwannon is British Psylocke's body, but it would still be awesome to see them the purple-haired assassins side-by-side. She was part of the craziest storylines in X-men history, and I think it would be awesome to see her perspective today. Can you imagine both of them on X-force?! That would be awesome! I wish they had brought her back in the Sisterhood of Mutants storyline.

  • I know he is technically alive and at the Jean Grey Institute for High Learning, but I want our original Warren back.

  • Bullseye is a great villain. His abilities are awesome, and he seems to possess an interesting combination of intelligence and craziness. I love his role as the Dark Hawkeye in Osborn's Avengers. I especially love his history Daredevil and Elektra. I recognize that they have Lady Bullseye now, but I miss the original.

  • I thought he was a really cool villain. I miss the original Brotherhood of Mutants!

  • I do not think she got a strong enough storyline. I wish we could have seen her interact with Bishop, especially after his meltdown. Would Shard have sided with him over Hope Summer? Or fought him along with the X-men? I feel like she could help him recover.

  • I miss the quintuplets!

  • I miss the quintuplets!

  • I really liked the roster in Generation X. I really wish we could have seen how Synch would have interacted with M and Jubilee with the new X-factor and Vampire storylines. I thought his powers were also really cool.

  • He was Sorcerer Supreme for about 5 minutes! Not cool. I would have liked to see him in the spotlight for a bit.

  • Same as Synch. Although I am not as passionate about his character as Synch, I think it would have been cool to see his reaction to the current post-Generation X storylines.

  • I wish Wallflower had been given a longer run. It would have been cool to see how she interacted with Elixir's new powers or his role on X-force. It also would have been cool to see how she responded to Wither siding with Selene. Maybe if she were around, Elixir wouldn't have gone into Comic Book Limbo.

  • Same as Pyro. I thought he was a cool addition to the Brotherhood and I enjoyed his relationship with the Blob. I wish we could see them together again. Plus the way he died is kind of ridiculous to me. Why even create the character if his powers are going to kill him?

  • They basically reintroduced his character to impregnate Wolfsbane and sacrifice himself again. She did not even keep the baby! I thought that was pretty ridiculous. I liked the idea of a relationship between a mutant and a god. I want them to explore this relationship more. Maybe Hela will let him go, but I still sadly consider him dead.

  • Her husband is in love with robot (Danger). I wonder what she would say to that. I think her powers and her battle with breast cancer were really interesting storylines. I think she could have made a second great Alpha Flight-turned-X-men character, following in the footsteps of Northstar.

  • I enjoy the human characters in a X-men storyline. Her relationship with Xavier and Legion was really interesting. I think she could make an awesome member of the X-Club.

  • Phobos is a demi-god! The fact that his father, Ares, died really suck. Through Ares death though, they could have had a great story. Take on his father's legacy. I did not follow this character much, but I feel like his death is kind of a waste.

  • Nick Fury should not have killed him! Disappointing. I really liked this roster from the beginning, except for Druid. I know he became a double agent, but I feel like he could have redeemed himself. He loved Quake! I can't believe we lost Hellfire and Phobos in the same issue. Two hard losses.

  • He never had a character. I think he is most well known for his last few lines, stating, "Hey - You're Pretty" to X-23 before dying. To be honest, the main reason I wish he was still around is because his powers sound really cool!

  • I kind of like the Guthrie lineage on the X-men. I think his role as an even young mutant connects with today's generation, the New Mutants (Cannonball), and Generation X (Husk) really well. I also think his powers were pretty cool and never completely explored.

  • I am not a fan of X-Static. I did not like premise very much. That being said, they had some great female heroes. I thought U-Go Girl was one of coolest characters. She is kind of a combination of Jean Grey and Nightcrawler. Plus I like the storyline about being a teen mom. I wish they had brought her into the regular X-men.

  • Same as U-Go Girl. I like that she was a being made of pure energy. I don't really understand how she could have died, but she did. Also like U-Go Girl, she could have been awesome on the X-men.

  • I know I said I didn't like X-Static. It is still true! Dead Girl's story and powers are really cool though, just like U-Go Girl and Venus Dee Milo. Her powers emerged after death, which is really creative. I thought the fact she died of an "illness" as a living zombie was a cop out. She could have been great on a team like X-force.

  • I haven't really cared about the X-men space storylines since Dark Phoenix, but I think she is the only reasonable leader of the Shiar Empire. I love her connection with Xavier and I think she could have been really influential in this new X-men/Avengers/Phoenix conflict.

  • I have not followed his character much, but I really like his relationship with Skids and Rictor as well as his membership in the Acolytes. Seeing him in Necrosha made me appreciate his character. I wonder what role he might have had today.