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With the series finale right around the corner (Saturday, March 16), creator Greg Weisman answered a number of questions from the fans including all of the designations of the Justice League and the Team. While he chose not to include any heroes that might spoil the ending, this is the entire roster of the Team according to Weisman:

B01 - Robin/Nightwing
B02 – Aqualad
B03 - Kid Flash
B04 – Superboy
B05 - Miss Martian
B06 - Speedy/Red Arrow
B07 – Artemis
B08 – Zatanna
B09 – Rocket
B10 – Tempest
B11 – Aquagirl
B12 – Troia
B13 – Robin (Jason Todd)
B14 - Lieutenant Marvel
B15 - Sergeant Marvel
B16 – Batgirl
B17 – Bumblebee
B18 - Lagoon Boy
B19 - Beast Boy
B20 – Robin (Tim Drake)
B21 - Wonder Girl
B22 - Blue Beetle
B23 – Impulse
B24 – Guardian
B25 – Arsenal

While many fans were upset at the inclusion of Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl instead of Donna Troy in Young Justice, it seems that Troy was in fact a part of the Team at one point under the alias, Troia.

I am going to assume that the other two mystery members, Lieutenant and Sergeant Marvel, are Billy Batson’s sister, Mary Batson, and childhood friend, Freddy Freeman.

I guess I was wrong about Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire. Oh well. I am still glad that Donna Troy, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr. were included in this world, but because Weisman revealed the identities of these three members without fear of spoiling the finale, I am going to assume that they are NOT going to appear in the last episode. Although this idea is disappointing, I am just glad they did not leave the question unanswered.

I am also excited to find out who the 26th member of the Team will be. I think it will be Virgil Hawkins aka Static.

Here are the designations for the Justice League:

01 – Superman
02 – Batman
03 - Wonder Woman
04 – Flash
05 - Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
06 – Aquaman
07 - Martian Manhunter
08 - Green Arrow
09 – Hawkman
10 – Hawkwoman
11 – Zatara
12 - Captain Atom
13 - Black Canary
14 - Green Lantern (John Stewart)
15 - Captain Marvel
16 - Red Tornado
17 - Doctor Fate
18 – Atom
19 - Plastic Man
20 – Icon
21 - Red Arrow
22 - Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
23 - Black Lightning
24 - Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
25 – Zatanna
26 – Rocket

There are 28 members of the Justice League?! Either two new members, that we haven't yet seen, have been added since the beginning of this season (Zatanna and Rocket were the newest members as of the first episode), OR there WILL BE two new members added by the end of the series finale. Although I was initially hoping for the first option, with new heroes like Vixen or Cyborg making appearances in the last episode, I am starting to think it will be the second. I am going to assume that two members of the Team will graduate to Justice League status. I think the most likely choices, in this order, are: Miss Martian, Superboy, Nightwing, Aqualad, or Bumblebee.

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I miss counted. Even with Jason Todd, the mysterious designations, B12-15, means we still have THREE (not two) missing members. I am still rooting for Cyborg and Donna Troy (or Starfire)! I have no idea who the third mystery member will be. It might be cool if the three missing members were Cyborg and Hawk and Dove (Grangers).

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@jasontodd7 said:

What about Mal Duncan? He could be one of those 5..he lived in mount justice after all

Mal Duncan is designated A10 as of right now, meaning he is an Authorized Guest, not actually a member of the Team. He may get a new designation like B24 (after Impulse), if he continues to take up the mantle of Guardian.

@Comicman1000 said:

@cattlebattle said:

Wendy and Marvin aren't apart of the team, Wendy doesn't even know Connor is Superboy, and she would've appeared at Raquel's bridal shower.

Good call, forgot about that. Oh well, perhaps characters that were Teen Titans in the comics like Lillith Clay or Golden Eagle. I just am not expecting anyone cryptic.

Lilith Clay and Golden Eagle are possible candidates, although I don't know how popular or likely they are to be chose by the writers compared to characters like Starfire, Donna Troy, Raven, or Terra.

What do you mean by "anyone cryptic"? Who would be cryptic?

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Fan: 3. Is Bette Kane Batgirl/Flamebird yet?

Weisman: 3. She's not Batgirl or Flamebird.


I am pretty sure, but not completely sure, that this means Bette Kane has not been a member of the Team. If she knows about the Team or has worked with them, I assume she would have a designation similar to Mal Duncan or Zatanna before she joined: A04-A09. Why would they give Wendy, Marvin or Bette a designation on the Team if she didn't fight.

With regard to Cyborg, it is just a theory. I was going off the fact that the four of the secret files that I have seen so far seem to highlight characters designs from DC Nation's main shows. Batgirl, Blue Beetle, and Plastic Man (Young Justice) and Kilowog (Green Lantern TAS). With this pattern, I am thinking that the new Cyborg character design is for a show. Otherwise they would just use the Justice Leauge: Doom design. Not sure though. Plus he is a popular character in DC Comics right now, so I feel like he will show up.

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No one has posted in this forum for months, but this is still an important issue for me, so I thought I'd bring it back. Being that we are over half way through Young Justice Invasion right now, we have some updates about who has and has not joined the Justice League and the Team. Here are the designations as of right now:

Justice League:

1-16: The original league from season one.

17-21: Doctor Fate, Atom, Plastic Man, Icon, and Red Arrow

22-24 (not in any specific order): Green Lantern (Gardner), Blue Beetle (Kord), and Black Lightning

25-26: Zatanna and Rocket

I am sad to say that Vixen was not a member of the League during the five year jump. I dunno if she even exists in this world, but we still have 9 episodes left until the season finale, so hopefully she will make a cameo of some kind. It would be awesome to see her in similar role that Plastic Man, Guy Gardner, and Blue Devil played in the first season. I am also sad that I was right in thinking that Zatanna and Rocket are the only two women to have joined the League since Black Canary (13). That reality was kind of a let down.

The Team:

1-7: The original members of the Team from season one.

8-11: Zatanna, Rocket, Tempest, and Aquagirl

12-15: ??? ( one of these was Jason Todd)

16-23 (in order): Batgirl, Bumblebee, Lagoon Boy, Beast Boy, Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, and Impulse

We still have two members that remain a mystery since the five year jump. Jason Todd is one of the three mystery designations because we saw that he was a fallen member of the Team during the episode Satisfaction, when a hologram-statue of him appeared in Mount Justice. We have two remaining members. I am partial to the idea that Cyborg is one of them. DC Nation promoted a "secret file" of Cyborg that resembled the same artistic style that we see in Young Justice. Some people thought it was the character design used in his appearance in Justice League: Doom, but there are subtle differences in his hair and armor. The profile seemed to be a different Cyborg, so I assume the character design is a new one we MIGHT see in Young Justice Invasion.

I have no idea or theories who the last member can be. I am partial (and more hopeful) to the idea that the last designation will go to a female superhero. I would totally be happy with someone like Starfire or Donna Troy. Just because we have Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl does not mean she was the FIRST Wonder Girl. Starfire would also be fun to see in the show. It cannot be Flamebird because Greg Weisman said she never became a superhero. I don't think it is Arrowette, because Green Arrow alluded to the fact that Red Arrow (original and clone) and Artemis were his only sidekicks. One crazy theory I just considered is maybe they de-aged Vixen to join the Team, similar to what they did with Zatanna, but that is mostly just desperation on my part to see the character in the show. Other females we could consider are Hawk and Dove (for both designations), Solstice, Raven, Terra, and Bombshell.

Who do you all think the last two designations will go to? I would LOVE to hear some new theories. :]

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Have you all read this article?

There is certainly the rumour that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been cancelled. It may well be replaced by the new Avengers Assemble. But no official word. Marvel TV News made up an official quote and all the websites followed suit without checking.

Perhaps Avengers; EMH is not being cancelled. MARVEL has NOT released any official world. Marvel TV News apparently made it up. Maybe we are getting two Avengers shows.

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I thought Mal Duncan was a part of The Team, but I guess not. I assumed he'd B18, right after Bumblebee, but we found out in Bloodlines that he is A10. That means we have at least 5 mystery members. I say 5 instead of 7 because I think it is pretty clear that Aquagirl and Tempest were members in the past. I wonder who the other 5 are? I would love to see Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Cyborg, Static, Flamebird, Stargirl, Jade or Static. We shall see.

I also wonder if Impulse is going to be B23?! I hope so!

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I really don't think Aqualad, Kid Flash, or Artemis joined the League before Kaldur changed sides or the other two retired. If this is true, then we still have two spots open. We know Black Lightning has to be between Red Arrow and Zatanna. I really hope Blue Devil did not join the League. I don't really care about his character. I am hoping the last two are Guy Gardner and Vixen.

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@X9 said:

@Blowout said:

@X9 said:

You know, I could understand Bette's fans frustration if she doesn't show up again, at least to make a cameon as Flamebird. I'd be unfair cause Barbara Gordon showed up as much as her and now she's part of the team :P

It is not that I am huge Flamebird fan. I think she is cool, but I dont really love care about her. I agree however with your reasoning though. B.Gordon has been in the show as much and as long as B.Kane, before this season. She also knew Artemis and Robin, and seemed to have a friendship with Batgirl. Plus the writers love using characters that have not been spotlighted in the shows before. This would be Flamebird's first cartoon appearance.

This. But, if the show follows its own line of events, she'll show up again. I hope to see interacting with Artemis, as friends. (if she gets to appear again, it'll be pretty obvious that she'll interact with Bat-guys, so there would be nth new there)

Hope so. :]

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I really like the idea that these four are the Apache Chief, the Wonder Twins, and Static.