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A magna Apparatus oculi tui 0

The GoodBrian K. Vaughn and Tony Harris' series Ex Machina has an amazing beginning that doesn't dissapoint. Vaughn's writing is outstanding here. The story is gripping and very different than anything I've ever read before in a comic, and I loved that. In addition to this the characters are memorable, and the book has a suprising amount of humor intigrated into it that made this book even more enjoyable. Also, while I've praised Vaughn's writing, Harris's art must also be mentioned. His art fi...

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Sandman is back! Er.. kind of! 0

The Good Neil Gaiman's writing in this issue is notably great, it's mature, well-paced, interesting, and different than the usual comic book fare. The stoy presented here is very mature, dark, and sad, although it works very, very well. The chracters are intesting and I acually felt pity fo the villians of this issue. The art by Sam Kieth is also notably great. like Gaiman's writing it's different than the comic norm but fits the book greatly. The Bad While I enjoyed Sam Kieth's art, there wher...

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Saga keeps on going, so does my love for it. 0

The GoodAs Saga continues the stoy keeps improving and improving. Vaughn adds numerous layers to the story this time around, some charming, some ferboding, others unexpected, and all interesting. Staples continues to produce high quality art that, most of the time, fits this issue perfectly. Additionally the new locations and people that we're introduced to in this issue all look wonderful. While the art in Saga is consitantly beautiful and memorable it needs to be mentioned as much as possible....

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What are you saying?! 0

The GoodAs Trillium continues, our lovers meet one another, and we're treated to another entertaining and fascinating issue. Simialarly to the debut issue, we see two perspectives as Nina and William learn more about one another and their surroundings... while not uderstanding each other. This actually works rather well though as we see their relationship develop and having them quickly like each other or understand each other would've felt very perfunctory. Showing their conversation like this ...

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It's time to visit Astro City. Please drive carefully. 0

The GoodAstro City does what all relaunches should do. It is written in a way that both newcomers and fans can pick it up and enjoy without having to buy or reread previous issues. Furthermore it is a charming comic that is different than the usual superhero fair and deserves your attention. NOW.The plot is great in that it's told in such an unusual manner. The whole tale is told by a character who may of may not be earth's greatest hero, or villian (or maybe he's just insane) who seems to be al...

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