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Double Shadows 0

Ladies and gentlemen, we finally return to World’s Collide, last year’s crossover between Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. I’ve already reviewed the first six issues back on the other sight, but since those reviews were sadly not salvaged in the transfer here’s the recap. A series of circumstances brought together Dr. Albert Wily and Doctor Ivo Robotnik. Realizing that they both had a lot in common, they began putting their evil plans into motion. Said plans involve: crea...

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The All Seeing Owl 0

We’ve missed a couple of issues so here’s a recap for those new to my reviews. Recently, Matt Murdock revealed his true identity as Daredevil and was disbarred from practicing law in the state of New York due to ethics violations. However, through some legal loopholes, Matt found he was still able to practice law in San Francisco. As such, Matt packed up shop and moved out west. However, what Matt didn’t count on was that another, more ruthless vigilante named Shroud had alread...

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Scavenger Hunt 0

Welcome back everyone to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Star Trek spinoff that excels at one thing above all else: being better than all other Star Trek material. (Don’t act like it’s not true) Anywho, in our last look at Star Trek DS9 comics, An increasing number of suspicious characters had arrived on the station. Station security was having enough of a hard time keeping order as it was, but then one of the vagrants broke the golden rule of the entire universe, he shot the statio...

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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead 0

Well, due to some moral issues, I am no longer affiliated with RT Gomer Productions. However, as Freddie Mercury once said, the show must go on, and as such, my reviews will continue. It feels good to return to where I started. And what better way to celebrate my triumphant return to comic book reviewing than by reviewing the comic I look forward to most every month: Mega Man.Those of you who have been following along because you’re loyal to a person and not a website will kn...

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I am here to spread the word of Todd 0

Well, I’ve certainly had an interesting couple of weeks. What I thought would be a routine trip to the comic book store resulted in an hour-long conversation with Ken Kristensen, fellow Connecticut resident and writer of the subject of today’s article. While talking to him, he made such a strong case for this twisted little series that not only did I purchase the first trade, but I also told him I would give him a thorough review. So, being a man of my word, I give to you, Todd, The Ugliest Kid...

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Welcome to Arkham City! 1

As with any major storyline, DC’s fall crossover event, Forever Evil, is bound to have tie-ins. For those who haven’t been keeping up, forever evil takes place after the events of Trinity War, in which the Justice League supposedly died. The Crime Syndicate, evil versions of the Justice League from an alternate reality have come to our world and have gathered an army of super villains to plunge the world into chaos. Most villains sided with the Syndicate, but some had other plans. In Gotham City...

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Bloodwolf vs. Secret Invasion Part 4: Pointless Padding 0

Welcome back to Secret Invasion. It’s been a couple weeks since our last entry in this series of reviews, mostly because I don’t relish having to re-read this eight-issue headache. Anywho, when we last left our heroes, they were too busy fighting with their 70’s throwback Skrull counterparts over on dinosaur island to deal with the real threat going down in New York. So, the task falls to the newly resurfaced Nick Fury and whatever B list heroes we got left to deal with the problem. Meanwhile, S...

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As Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary draws ever closer, the year long Doctor Who maxi-series, Prisoners of Time, marches ever onward. I haven’t been reviewing each issue up to this point, gross negligence on my part, but here’s a brief recap. Each month in 2013, IDW publishing has been releasing a new Doctor who adventure, each one featuring The Doctor in one of his many incarnations. However, all the while, a mysterious figure has been systematically kidnapping the Doctor’s companions out of time. ...

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Super Adventure Rockman Redux 0

Well between my villains month reviews (found exclusively at RT Gomer Productions) and my ongoing review of Secret Invasion, it's been a while since I've just kicked back and reviewed something out of my standard wheelhouse. So while I'm catching my breath, let's go back to our old pal Mega Man.A lot has happened since we last checked in on the Blue Bomber. The last issue we covered, we had just wrapped up the events of Mega Man 1. Now, we're up to the events of Mega Man 3 with elements of the l...

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Bloodwolf vs. Secret Invasion Part 3: Did anyone actually care that Spiderwoman was a Skrull? 0

Welcome back to Secret Invasion, and in today’s outing we get into a “major” revelation, that being the revelation that Spiderwoman is, in fact, a Skrull. Marvel was clearly banking on this revelation being a big deal. Here’s the problem though, and I deeply apologize to fans of the character, but no one gives a crap about Spiderwoman, and even if they did, no one cared about the revelation because leading up to this she was acting so suspicious that there was nobody, and I mean nobody who would...

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So, we open with humans and Gorilla's working together to rebuild central city and erect a statue of the Flash. The mayor and Sullivar make a big speech, when suddenly, there's an Eclipse. This Eclipse, which I know to have been caused by Ultra Man, somehow frees Gorilla Grodd from the Speed Force. During some well written narration about Evolutions, Grodd precedes to smack everyone around like the big bad ass Gorilla that he is. Grodd overpowers everyone, humans, Gorillas, Rogues, everyone and...

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Thank God for Two-Face 0

Well after that piece of garbage Joker issue, I needed something to cleanse the pallet, so thank you merciful god that this issue exists. Two Face, for those who don't know, is my favorite member of Bat Man's rogues gallery and an issue in which he gets the spotlight is something I can never resist. We open with beautiful artwork of Two-Face flipping his coin complete with contradicting narrative captions that illustrate Two-Face's duality. He flips his coin, stating that Heads, he saves the cit...

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Don't Read This! 1

Don't read this!No, seriously, do not read this!I'd say this issue is a train wreck, but frankly I would watch a train wreck live with popcorn and a soda before I read this thing again. Harsh, probably, but that doesn't make this issue any better. I haven't read every issue in villains months thus far, not really planning on it, but I find it ironic that the story that's cover has been used in all the ads for this event turned out to be such an abysmal story.We actually start out fairly promisin...

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Bloodwolf vs. Secret Invasion Part 2: That 70's Skrull 0

Well fans, we continue down the rabbit hole of Secret Invasion, and in today’s outing, I’m going to talk about an aspect of the story that got a lot of people really excited at the time, mostly because it features prominently in this particular issue. As I mentioned last time, issue 1 ended with a Skrull ship landing in the Savage Land containing several Superheroes in 70’s attire, all of them claiming to be the real deal. Now, I’ll admit, when this development first came about I was actually p...

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Bloodwolf Vs. Secret Invasion Part 1: A Half-Way Decent Beginning 0

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Secret Invasion, in my mind, one of the biggest disappointments in the history of Marvel Comics. First and foremost, a little background. At this point, it has become increasingly clear that Earth has been secretly invaded by a shape shifting race of aliens known as the Skrulls. As part of their nefarious plot, the Skrulls have each taken the place of several super-heroes and well known figures in the Marvel Universe, including Elektra, Blackbolt, and several oth...

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F*cking What? 0

This comic is really f*cking weird!We've reached our third and possibly final look at Spawn, and dear lord do we have a strange one today. Like our last two outings, we have a special guest writer, a fellow by the name of Dave Sim. Unlike the last two issues however, I'm not as familiar with this guy's work. All I know is that he apparently created some greaser Aardvark named Cerebus who appears later in this issue, and apparently, in preparation for this comic he and Todd McFarlane probably rai...

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Booze Power GO!! 0

Welcome to part 2 of our 3 part look at early 90's Spawn. Last issue was written by God among comic book writer's, Alan Moore. This time around, our writer is someone even more awesome, if that's even possible, Neil Gaiman. Let's see, how to describe the the critically acclaimed writer of such works as Sand Man, Books of Magic, and for my Whovian friends out there, the writer of the Doctor Who series six episode: The Doctor's wife. Imagine Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Stephen King, Douglas Adams and A...

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Special Hell 0

Early 90's Image ComicsFour words that for any comic book reader are usually associated with utter crap. However, even the biggest Image haters tend to admit that Todd McFarlane's series, Spawn is one of the few bright spots in that dank hell hole of bad comics and 90's artwork. Though I know the basic premise of the character, I have never actually read the Spawn comics. Sure I've read Frank Miller's Batman/Spawn crossover and I've seen the movie. (For the record, the movie wasn't all that bad...

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Don't join the KKK expecting the Stone Cutters 0

With the exception of Venom, I tend not to pick up anything from Marvel these days. However, I felt I should at least try to keep an open mind so, at the suggestion of the comic book store manager, I decided to pick up an issue of Mark Waid's surprisingly popular Daredevil series. I've never been a regular reader of Daredevil, but I have always liked the character. Something about a blind super hero has always fascinated me, even more so now that I'm dating a blind woman. Seeing as how my girlfr...

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Infighting Party! Woo! 0

I've been on something of a Mega Man kick lately. For those of you unfamiliar with the Blue Bomber, Mega Man is one of the most enduring video game characters in history having starred in several games since the early days of the NES. Once a simple robot Lab assistant helping his creator, Doctor Thomas Light create The Robot Masters, Robots designed to safely perform the tasks that were too dangerous for humans, Mega Man was converted into a battle Robot to defeat the evil Doctor Wily and the af...

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A Clockwork Orange Lantern 0

As much as I love having a summer home in the finger lakes, one of the few drawbacks is the fact that the only comic book store for miles is a hour and a half away and I, not actually owning a car of my own, have difficulty making the trip out there on a weekly basis. Hopefully, come September, I'll get a chance to play catch up, but for now I have a few issues to hold you, and by extension me, over. In other, more cheerful news, I've recently been picked up by another to be a full time blogger...

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Croc Tales 2

As I mentioned in my recent Nightwing review, the main Batman book will be sidelined from my rotation for the time being, and as such, I've been experimenting with other Bat-Books to fill that void. That brings us to Batwoman. The only thing I know about Batwoman going into this is that she was originally created back in 50's for the sole purpose of making Batman and Robin seem not gay and now she herself is a lesbian. Essentially, she is a tremendous F U to homophobes and conservatives everywhe...

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Next Time there Won't be Donuts 0

This series and I have a strange relationship. On more than a few occasions I've tried to make it a part of my regular rotation, but it never quite manages to hold my attention for long enough to stay there. However, with Scott Synder's Batman book sidelined from my monthly pick-up list for the time being due to my lack of interest in Batman origin story number four hundred and seventy-one, I've decided to try and fill that void by finding a new Bat book to follow, and so, I decided to give Nig...

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Get to the Good Stuff Already 0

We open in Rio De Janero with the arrival of Captain Steel. The scene is accompanied by narration from our old friend Kahn, giving Steel's origin. Pretty Standard Super Hero origin stuff, he was a sickly little kid who's father bonded him to an experimental metal and granted him super strength. Frankly, I've seen bits and pieces of this origin done much better with much better heroes. He's been chosen for a mission into a radiation pit in the middle of Brazil because he's apparently got the best...

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For the Glory of the Sontaran Empire 0

Well, Doctor Who's 50th anniversary is nigh, and naturally, everyone wants a piece of the action. All 2013 long, IDW has been releasing a special issue featuring an adventure of each Doctor. So far, I've greatly enjoyed the Maxi-Series. I've been intrigued by the over-arching story but also enjoyed seeing the different Doctors and companions being showcased. Today, we look at last month's entry with, in my opinion, one of the more underrated Doctors of the series.The 5th Doctor, as portrayed by ...

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A better Venom than you ever were 1

As time goes by, the Marvel comics I've grown to love with my childhood continue to grow more and more unrecognizable, so it's very nice to know that I still have Venom as my sole safety net in the Marvel Universe. In the issues leading up to this one, Eddie Brock, the former Venom has been bonded with the Toxin Symbiote and has now sworn to kill Venom, believing that he's incapable of controlling it. Meanwhile, these creatures called "figures", essentially humans bonded with weird alien tech an...

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Effective, just not what I was hoping for 1

I'll preface this review by saying that those of you who picked up this issue expecting it to be all about the new Earth 2 Batman are going to be disappointed because the new Batman is barely in it, and by the end nothing is learned about him. If this were a regular issue of the main series, that would be fine, but for an annual with this character as its main selling point, it leaves the reader feeling cheated. We open with Al Pratt, The Atom, going over his origin story in his head. Something...

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Starting to get interesting 0

Before we get started, a thought has just occurred to me. Why would the JLA have Catwoman be their Woman on the inside? Or more appropriately, why not have send Martian Manhunter instead? As a shape shifter and a telepath, I'd say he'd be the more logical candidate for the stealth mission. I'm not saying Catwoman's not qualified but next to J'onn, she doesn't have much going for her. Just a thought, let's get to the review.We open with Doctor Light, apparently a good guy in this continuity, gett...

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Keelah Se'lai 0

Recently, we looked into my love of Mass Effect with another issue of Mass Effect: Homeworlds. Last time, we explored the back story of one of my favorite characters, Garrus Vakarian. Today's outing allows us to explore another one, Tali'zorah vas Normandy, or Tali for short. Tali is a Quarian, a nomadic alien race with extremely weak imune system, hence the attractive suits they all wear. Tali in particular is a gifted engineer and expert on the Geth, the race of sentient machines her people cr...

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Battle of the Mecha-Trinity 0

I've been off the grid so long that I haven't even gotten a chance to weigh in on this new series, so let me begin by saying that so far I've been enjoying JLA on the whole, but it's not without it's share of problems, the slow pace and the continued absence of Simon Baz to name a few. I like the team and appreciate the fact that it's highlighting some not necessarily A-list heroes in its main roster. Though at times it feels more like Avengers than it does Justice League, overall it's still got...

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Let's Calibrate 0

It was only a few short moths ago that I first discovered the Mass Effect series, and since then I've been hooked. I absolutely love all three of the Mass Effect games, the way you can play as your own customized character and the fact that your decisions have real weight. However, any Mass Effect fan will agree that the best part of the Mass Effect series is the awesome cast of characters. All of your squad mates in all three games feel unique and likeable in their own way. (Except for Miranda...

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That's It? 1

We open in Boston, where Doctor Fate and Wotan are already locked in deep magical combat while Flash and Green Lantern work crowd control. Cut to one hour earlier and we see the Khalid has donned the Helm of fate and has asked not to be referred to by his real name as the division between the two is good for helping him stay in control. I like this, it's fitting with Khalid's character and helps to enforce the friction between him and Nabu. Dr. Fate and The Flash save Mrs. Garrick and take the ...

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Hello Fan-Service 0

It has been WAY too long since I posted any reviews. Pressures of my senior year at college meant I had to cut out certain past times and sadly that included these reviews. However, now that summer is upon us, I am once again free to start reviewing again. I'd go back and review all the comics I've picked up in the intervening time, but if I did that I'd never get caught up, so let's just start with what I picked up last week and go from there. This is Batman #20In the last issue we learned that...

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The Laughter Never Dies 1

I don’t normally do this, but let’s look at that cover for a sec. They are REALLY dialing up the whole “Joker wants to have sex with Batman” thing past eleven aren’t they. I think it’s brilliantly done, but they missed a Golden opportunity for an homage cover to that famous Norman Rockwell painting where everyone’s having Thanksgiving Dinner. Oh well, coulda, woulda, shoulda.We open on black panels and Joker’s dialogue in the dark. I was only kidding about Joker wanting to screw Bats, but if you...

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Rhyme Hard III: Rhyme Hard with a Vengeance 1

Time once again for my Demon rhyming shtickAnd it ain’t getting old any time quickToday’s Demon Knights start a new story arcAnd we begin with two strangers coming out of the darkThey go to a church and they seem quite excitedWhen the abbot let’s them in. He says they’re invited.Not smart padre, this guy is bad news,You should see what he did to those other dudesThe guards outside, they all lay deadBecause this creepy fellow needed to be fedThe abbot fights back with cross and prayer,But our sca...

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Who's the Father? 0

You know what, screw it, I have fallen to far behind in my review schedule to go back and do all the crap I have waiting in my review pile. At this rate, I may never catch up to everyone else, so everything else in the pile, screw it, I'll just for now be sticking to the stuff from the past two weeks and then I'll call it caught up. (Well, everything accept the New Guardians annual. Believe me, its day is coming, but I'm saving that sucker for a special occasion.)So... Earth 2. A lot has happene...

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Cats, Bats and Burritos 0

And we return to the insanity with Batman standing on a rooftop as he is want to do. He tells Catman, who is hiding in the shadows that he knows that he's there. Blake tells Bats that it's only because he let Batman know where he is. Batman wants Catman to leave and abandon his mission, but by the same token he's curious about how Catman was able to find him. Catman says that he is the world's greatest tracker and he can smell whatever it is Bruce had for dinner, he seems particularly fixated on...

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She Vomits 0

Hey guys, lookie what I found in my stocking on Tuesday. A little slice of insanity called Secret Six. Looks like the big guy got my letter. Get ready everyone, prep you minds, take your crazy pills, let's dive in.We begin in a gay strip club called the Bear Trap. Yup, this is Secret Six alright. Two guys in Plaid suits are leading a nervous looking fellow down into the secret room. Every strip club has a secret room doesn't it. Apparently their boss, who goes by Junior. Eh, Its better than Dr. ...

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Burn like my Power, Kyle's Might! 0

This review was published in my school Newspaper“You have the ability to overcome great fear.” That is the first thing that that is said to one when they are inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. As a Green Lantern, one will have to face many things that will bring about great fear in one’s heart. Giving into it can be fatal. In many ways that can be taken quite literally. A Green Lantern’s greatest weakness is yellow light, as yellow is the color of fear. Sinestro, once considered the greatest...

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I Always Wanted my own Catwoman 0

So we start with a news report and hold up... in the show, news reports were given by blue silhouettes. I'm not complaining, I'm just a bit put off. Oh well, whatever.Terry returns to the Batcave and Bruce is a noticeably worried about the whole "Hush" thing. Also, it's worth nothing that the gadgets that Bruce is building look awfully large. Terry was apparently told that Hush was dead. We get a flashback to Bruce's final battle with Hush and we reveal that while he saw a body, he never got a c...

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