The Invaders of Justice

The Invaders of Justice from New Earth 616 are from an alternate reality where the DC and Marvel universes are combined. During WWII these heroes saved the world from threats like Hitler, the Red Skull, and Baron Blitzkrieg.

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  • The leader of the Invaders of Justice (IOJ), Cap led the team in victory after victory during the war. Captain America is currently the leader of the League of Avenging Justice.

  • The childhood friend of Captain America and loyal sidekick, Bucky served with Cap during WWII and was a founding member of the Invaders of Justice. He was reported as missing in action after WWII.

  • The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott fought alongside Captain America in WWII and was a founding member of the IOJ. He currently acts as mentor to current Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

  • Able to fly and possessing super strength, Madeline Joyce became the costumed hero Miss America. She was a founding member of the IOJ and once had a brief relationship with the Captain himself. She died of old age.

  • The original Flash, Jay was the first super-speedster and fought against the Axis Powers during WWII. Currently he lives with his wife in Keystone City.

  • The original Aquaman, Namor was the Prince of Atlantis who aided the world's greatest heroes during WWII. Currently he is King of Atlantis.

  • The Mystical Spectre, Jim was murdered by a mobster and bonded to God's spirit of vengeance. He fought alongside Captain America during WWII and was a loyal member of the IOJ. Currently he is still the Spectre, and he works closely with Doctor Strange.

  • Joseph Chapman was one of the founding members of the IOJ from Great Britain. Union Jack is currently deceased.

  • The Original Doctor Fate, Kent fought alongside Cap in WWII and was one of the founding members of the IOJ. He is deceased.


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Pretty intriguing list and fanfic you have created. I would love to read your work if it exists.