New Justice

The teenage supeheroes and otherwise sidekicks make up the S.H.I.E.L.D. training team of New Justice.

List items

  • Recruited by Nick Fury, 16 year-old spider-man is a teenage vigilante who works as a freelance photographer and has an obsession with science.

  • Created by Project:CADMUS, Superboy is a clone of Superman. He goes by Kon El or Conner Kent and worked alongside superman for a year. He is 16 years old, and was recruited by Nick Fury at Superman's suggestion.

  • A young martial artist who fought and defeated a dragon to get his powers, Danny Rand is a wealthy martial artist from California. He possesses the Indestructable Iron Fists and has been a superhero for a year. 17 year-old Iron Fist was recruited by Nick Fury to train as a future League member.

  • The daughter of Zeus and a mortal woman, Cassandra Sandsmark worked with Diana as Wonder Girl for a year, then was recruited by Nick Fury to join the New Justice team at Wonder Woman's suggestion.