Dark Knights

After the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe fuse together, each world becomes one world. In this new universe Batman, after several years as a successful vigilante in Gotham, starts a team of superheroes known as the Dark Knights to patrol the streets of major cities and protect the innocent.

List items

  • Founder of the Dark Knights, Billionaire Bruce Wayne has ignored S.H.I.E.L.D.'s recruitment offers and created his own team.

  • The mystical Moon Knight, Marc Spector is a vigilante whose methods are very similar to Batman's. He possesses great physical powers depending on what stage the moon is in, and as the Fist of Khoshu he can turn invisible when in the shadows, has nightvision,can heal rapidly in moonlight, and he can see mystical beings. The voice of Khonshu is always in his head and he follows his lead and advice. He is approached by batman and becomes a member of the Dark Knights.

  • A vigilante who had trained with Hawkeye in the military, Green Arrow is an expert marksman and can use any ranged weapon. He is famous for his trick arrows, and as Oliver Queen he is a multi-millionaire. He joins Batman in Star City with the Dark Knights when they do a mission together to stop Deathstroke, Deadpool and the League of Assassins. After they defeat Ra's Al Ghul, Ollie joins the Dark Knights officially.

  • Daredevil aids Batman, Moon Knight, and Green Arrow in their fight against the League of Assassins and becomes a member of the Dark Knights afterward.