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Old Man Logan

Wolverine is old, but not weak, and manages to kill all of Hulk's kids and even Hulk.

Slade vs Hulk? I don't know, but that would be incredibly difficult. Depending on how mad Hulk is of course.

Wolverine once fought the ENTIRE marvel universe.

Slade took down some of the Justice League's most prominent members, so in this respect they're almost equal.

But then after Wolverine fought the entire marvel u, he took on Galactus.

Also, Logan's HEALING FACTOR is superior to Slade's.

Unfortunately, due to sloppy writing, I personally won't take into account Wolverine vs Galactus, or even half of what they say both characters can do. There is a HUGE lack of consistency with both characters in personality and morals, and Slade is known to change his code whenever he feels like it. Ummm... why even have a code then? Wolverine has his moments too... like when he's spontaneously acting like a total dick then in the next issue he's like some wise old fart giving great advice in a manner that doesn't reflect his personality. He should be gruff, butt not a douche (ultimate wolverine was even WORSE). Advice is nice, but he should at least say, Bub or be very matter of fact when he gives it. Not the bullshit Yoda quotes he's been spewing out lately. In fact, I'm kinda mad at comics right now. They aren't very good. Harley Quinn killing a bunch of kids... Batwing... Fear Itself... Sentry... ok seriously, wtf. It's like they just copy movies and try to make them super-heroic. Granted, here's a random thought...

LOTR combined with superheroes.

Plot is the same, set in medieval times.

Dr. Strange is Gandalf.

Captain America is Aragorn.

Hawkeye is Legolas.

Wolverine is Gimli.

Dr. Doom is Saruman

The Hobbits would probably be Spiderman (frodo), Daredevil (Sam), Iron Fist and Powerman (merry and pippin)

[I admit, the last four don't really make that much sense]

and so on.

I can do this all day.


All I'm saying is don't go based on what you've read. It's all just plot mechanics anyway, to get you to read the comic, and most of it is either unoriginal or so over the top it doesn't even make sense. In reality, the Hulk would KILL thousands of people every time he fights in the city, and wolveriene would be ripped to pieces. Same goes with Slade.

Superman is the ultimate superhero, and he ALWAYS wins, no matter what. Even when he's dead, he wins. He's fucking superman.

Thor is a GOD. That makes him way stronger than they portray him, and his powers change all the time.

Basically, I could write down the fight. I have two options: Wolverine and DS do what they always do in comics, they fight, and it amounts to nothing,

Or I could create something entirely new and do stuff you wouldn't imagine. Who gives a fuck who wins? Really, you just wanna buy the comic, and watch an epic fight. And then, the story would be carried on and on, until you turn to something else. DS wins. Wolverine wins. They both kill eachother. It doesn't matter. Because, after I write it, whether it's good or bad, someone else will come and add on to the story, and then twenty years later the work that ten writers spent all that time creating will be ret-conned and you'll get a whole new reboot.

New superheroes? New stories? New villains? New powers?

It's so rare these days it's sad. And that's because nobody's pushing the envelope. They just tell the same story over and over.

To finish, I like both characters. I think they are cool. I want to see them fight. But if it is to be written, it must be done with not only the fans in mind, but the characters themselves. Imagine you're being hunted by a world-class assassin and you happen to be one yourself. That's how it's done. They're both smart, but then again, that's almost a requirement when you got such a high body count and don't get caught. So guys, let's end the debate, have a nice beer, smoke a j, and write about it. Let's create comics... on comic vine. Then, when all of us are reading this stuff, because it will be better than DC and Marvel, we can actually do something and have a career.


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@king_stranglehold_da_first: Well, since it seems everyone else is brown-nosing slade's royal arse, I just wanted to say, since you created this thread, that Slade, although he would most likely (in a well written story) would be given the basic information on Wolverine, this would not be an easy match. I think anyone fighting a guy that has been round as long as logan would have an incredibly tough time... think about it logically. He knows plenty of martial arts forms, has had a very long time to perfect his style, he has extremely enhanced senses and will know where Deathstroke is constantly. Because SHIELD ALWAYS briefs their agents and whoever they hire, Slade would only know the basics. He would know that Logan has an adamantium skeleton, but unless he has already brought a weapon that can cut through adamantium with him, that info would be relatively useless. He also would know about the claws, and the healing factor, but outside of that DS only has his basic gear, his own skills and attributes, and whatever strategy he concocts while he's out searching for Logan. I say, Slade would be tracking him, but he's always one step behind Logan, because Logan is an EXPERT TRACKER. He'd recognize the scent tailing him and would try to lead DS into an ambush. Knowing Slade though, he would have already come up with a contingency plan to try and snare wolverine for an easy kill. Maybe SHIELD would give him a special dart that would slow down Wolvie's healing factor, because they would know in order to kill Logan you need to make him vulnerable. But, do not underestimate a two hundred year old canadian ninja samurai! He's the best at what he does for a reason. Nobody has killed more baddies than good ol' snikt (at least up close and personal). So in effect it's experience vs a super soldier with a genius mind. To keep the story interesting, I would have Slade's contigency appear to work, and when he goes to bag the kill, Wolverine ambushes him and mortally wounds him, but DS manages to pop off the SHIELD dart and slow down Logan's healing factor and tries to shoot him to death. Logan retreats, and the cat and mouse game would continue. Logan would be using his more primal instincts and greater experience to his advantage, while Slade would be using his brutal strategies and intellect to try and kill him. Now, for plausibility as well as fan service, to the death should not even be up here. It just makes fan-boys more arrogant and they always choose based on stupid shit it seems... but I won't even get into that. DS STOMPS! give me a friggin break.

In short, I think this is an even match up. IMO they're on even ground. Naturally, some fanboy is gonna say Slade's gonna win, then a marvel fan will try to school him... but it's all totally biased crap. Put it up for a vote and see if you really want to know.

Final Thoughts: As a rule, the good guy always wins. Wolverine getting killed by a captain america rip off who also happens to be smarter than bat man and has a healing factor? Not likely. That's almost as bad as Deadpool managing to kill himself. It just won't happen. Don't get me wrong, Logan may not win the fight... but he won't die. Plus, if he does, he'll just fight his way through Hell AGAIN to get his vengeance.

PS: Read Wolverine Goes To Hell. Pretty Good.

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    I'm pretty sure that's not how god gets off

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    @Cellar Door:

    And because shang chi doesn't teach anyone he loses? That is a crappy reason. Shang Chi is based on Bruce Lee. Richard Dragon is like some corny version of chuck norris trying to be bruce lee. The reason Batman is such a bad ass is because he combines different styles. Shang-chi can go toe-to-toe with spiderman, who has WAAAAAY faster reflexes (supposedly) and spider sense, and Shang whoops his ass. Sorry to say, but I go with marvel on this hands down. If you don't believe me, compare their villains, and then read some old back issues. I promise you Shang Chi would win, after a close fight, as in the tradition of classic bruce lee movies. You guys remember what bruce did to chuck both times they fought, right?

    Oh, and another thing: Shang Chi's title is MASTER of kung fu. That should tell you something right there.

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      this has to be the longest list on comicvine. Holy crap you got some good picks on here, including some of my all time favorites.

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      @BlackArmor: You didn't know that doom's armor was made by trojan-man himself did you?

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      Lion-o fights a dead guy. Batman fights a wingnut wearing facepaint. Lion-o is a human cat thing from space that wears no pants. Batman is a human ninja with gadgets and a special affinity for tights. Lion-o has a sword that gets bigger when he shouts. Batman has a batarang. Lion-o has the thundercats. Batman has a bunch of proteges with severe emotional disorders. Of course, in this scenario batman is the villain. This puts him at a severe disadvantage because his positive characteristics are in reverse, which would turn him into the supervillains that represent his own warped psyche. I say Lion-o would win only by virtue of being the hero, and his mystical/magical properties. Lion-o also wins because he is secretly chuck norris.

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      Silver Age Bizarro!!!!
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      I have to say.... isn't punisher a friggin monster right now?
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      what would thor be like if he had the one ring to rule them all? 
      He already has the one hammer to rule them all...