Marvel and DC Combined!

In the depths of the nexus, the centerpiece of all reality, the primordial forces of good and evil waged war. The Darkness fought against The Light and was able to combine the earths of the DC and Marvel universes in an attempt to conquer the multi-verse. Threats that have faced both worlds now face a new world where everything is different from it's original state.

J.Jonah Jameson and Perry White once worked together when they were younger, but now the two award winning journalists and editors-in-chief have started two of the biggest news corporations in america, the Daily Bugle and the Daily Planet, each in their own respective cities of New York and Metropolis. The two former friends have become arch-rivals, and each has tried to discredit the other's stories.

It is also interesting to note that the superhero teams have changed. The Avengers and the Justice League no longer exist.

The biggest corporations in this world are Stark Industries, Wayne Industries, Luthorcorp and Oscorp. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne had a business rivalry, and a professional one, in the early years. Now they are friends and have worked together to save the world several times. Lex Luthor and Norman Osborn however have elevated positions of power within Government and have worked together from time to time to further their own dark ends.

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