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  • Bloodfury posted a message in the forum topic Karnak Vs. Johnny Cage (H2H). on the Battles board

    Cage would pro'lly acknowledge how good of a fighter Karnak is. But can't see neither KOing each other. Both are too fast in their own rights.

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  • Bloodfury posted a message in the forum topic Rottweiler vs Chimpanzee. on the Battles board

    There is a video National Geographic recorded around somewhere "chimp island," where chimps dominated the island, and that humans are not very well welcome there, how they use weapons like us, how th...

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  • Bloodfury posted a message in the forum topic Kangal VS. Lion. on the Off-Topic board

    Maybe I'm just too ignorant, but I can't see any male alpha lion who often goes toe-to-toe with crocs, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, losing to any breed of dog. You could mix a Kangal with a Detroit AP...

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  • Bloodfury posted a message in the forum topic Captain America vs a Great White Shark. on the Battles board

    In MY point of view, Cap has boatloads of feats that puts him above any real life animal, even MCU Cap, even a real life animal as deadly and powerful as a GW. If he's NOT willing to be a good guy th...

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  • Bloodfury posted a message in the forum topic leprechaun vs pennywise (the dancing clown). on the Battles board

    Now that I stopped to think, this battle would be funny as hell. Both are charismatic IMO for horror slashers. But the New Leprechaun sucks big time and I guess everyone can agree with that. Meanwhil...