Errr........ Iowa!?!?!?!?!?

Okay, so, my parents to a detour to Iowa, to see my uncle and aunt.(without even telling me we where going there) So, I'm up in Iowa, instead of being down in Georgia..... well I'm happy yo see my uncle and aunt, but I just want to go back home v.v, and see my friends and my bro., but at least I get to have some great cooking,lol. So I, may be on every now and then.

P.S. You will see this blog on my other profile,Jane Audron, also.

On Hold....

Alll the vids I'm doing are on hold until I get home, get over the cold I just got, and try to forget my cousins deleting the vids I was working on -__- *Sighs* It gonna be awhile........

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Pissed OFF!!!!! >_<

Okay, my one of my cousin's thought it would be funny to delete all the vids I've been working on (and finished), so he did, and I lost all my work!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to start from scratch, and repost the ones that were on youtube!!!!! So pissed off, makes me not want to do any vids right now!!!!!!!! >_<


Just incase

My back up bio.

It is unknown, on how Blood X was exactly created. Some say it came from a different world, others say it was a normal person, until they were subjected to countless, painful experiments. Another person says, it came from the blood of a person named Jane Audron. The truth was it did come from that person, but how? Supposedly since Jane, has had many symbiotes on her before, tiny remnants of them were left in her blood. The symbiote inside her never took her over, until one day.

Jane was in a middle of a fight, as usual, next minute she got stab in her leg, and blood started gushing out. The next minute a white and red hand came out of the stab wound, then the rest of the symbiote's body came out, and started to attack Jane's attacker. Everybody, especially Jane was surprised. After the symbiote finished of the attacker, it reintered Jane's wound,closing it also, and didn't come out again until she had another open wound. Jane gave this new symbiote she just gained Blood X, since it came from her blood, but she wasn't to sure about that. Jane learned a terrible down side to this symbiote though. If she heals her wound immediately after Blood X comes out,Blood X will attempt to bond to her, but will cause Jane to go insane, kidnap people, kill people and animal, and destroy everything in sight, but if Jane is able to cut herself before any of that happens, Blood X just goes back into her body, into her bloodstream.

While Jane was coming back from a mission, from a different universe, her Mech had a malfunction, and crashed on an
Phaaze, the
Phaaze, the "Unknown" planet
 unknown planet. Jane was seriously injured, and was knocked out cold, her Mech had caught on fire, and was about to blow. Blood X was able to take her over enough, to get her out of the Mech, and get to a safe distance. Blood X was becoming weaker and weaker, for some odd reason, to continue her control over Jane, but Jane's other symbiotes help Blood X find a safe spot so they could heal Jane.

Blood X found a cave to rest,and heal Jane. The cave was lined with some liquidly red,blue, and orange substance, that radiated a powerful energy. Blood X guessed that it was the substance, that was making her weaker. Finding a spot to sit down and rest, Blood X noticed a creature lurking in the shadows. Blood X decided no to investigate, since she was very weak and probably wouldn't be able to fight of any attackers. One of Jane's symbiotes created a protective barrier around Jane's body, so they could all rest until the next day. 

The next day, Blood X awakens to be covered in the substance she saw on the walls. She found that she was no longer weak, but
New suit
New suit "Phazon Suit"
 becoming stronger, because of the substance. Her powers where increased "ten fold." She again saw the creature that was lurking around them last night, and decided to investigate. As she went deeper into the cave, her powers increased even more, she also noticed black crystals growing from the cave walls. The crystals glowed brightly, as they grew from the walls. The next minute, a crystal spire jutted out straight at Blood X. Blood X's spider- sense kicking in, made her dodge the spire with ease. When she landed on the crystal spire, she felt a great course of energy flow through her body. Not being able to control the sudden burst of energy, she collapsed as she began to turn black, and silver with a few streaks of dark red on her suit. As Blood X began to get up, she realized what ever that spire's energy was, it was slowly changing her from the inside out. She felt like her life was shortened slight, and felt like she was going mad. Blood X decided to continue down the cave, no matter what trouble she might end up in. 

As Blood X continued down the cave she saw a room, full of shadowy creatures, the liquid substance on the walls, and a large seed, that looked like it contained a human in it. Blood X noticed a creature coming her way, and hide in the corner, until the creature passed. Blood X then attempted to go into the room, but found she could not get up from her spot. It was her host Jane holding her back from their certain death, if they went in there. Jane began to explain what planet they were on and why Blood X was changing.

" The planet...... were are on is called Phaaze. It is home to the deadly substance Phazon, which you already have come in contact with."The points to the creatures in the room surrounding the large seed, "Those creatures in there are Ings, they have been corrupted by the power of the Phazon, and the large seed is a "Leviathan" Looks like this one is the core of the planet, the others Leviathan are sent to corrupt other planets with Phazon." Blood X could since the longer they were her, Jane became weaker. They next minute, the wall Blood X was leaning on collapsed sending her and Jane, through a secret passage....

2nd Corrupted Form
2nd Corrupted Form
The Passage
Jane and Blood X slid down a crystal slide that seemed like it would go on forever. "Looks like you found, my oldest base Blood." Jane was correct, it was her oldest, and deadliest base, she ever built. She abandoned it because it was hard to predict when her Phazon Shields would go down. Blood X and Jane landed in the control room of the abandoned base. As they walked around the control room, Blood X accidently walked into a puddle of orange Phazon. The energy from the Phazon further corrupted Blood X, changing her even further. She than mutated into another form. Blood X then collapsed from pain she felt through out her body. Surprisingly Jane was not affected by the Phazon. It turned out Jane was immune to Phazon, but wasn't able to protect her symbiotes from the effect of Phazon, since she was still weak. Blood X was starting to go mad, since she could not control the power within her, but Jane was able to vent some of the Phazon out of her body so Blood X could function properly. Unknowing to Jane and Blood X, there had been an Ing stalking them, for some time. The Ing crawl behind them slowly, then jump onto Blood X's back, and then started to consume some the Phazon inside her. Blood X swatted the creature from her back, and was about to stab, but Jane stopped her because she knew that the Ing was a friend not foe. As the Ing slowly began to get up, Jane spoke to it, " Ather is that you?", Ather understood what she said, but could not return the answer. Ather than move over to the control panel, searching for something that might help him answer Jane. He found an item that looked like a watch, but was a language translator, and stuck it onto one of his claws, then pressed a button on it. "Voice Translator activated. Sorry about that, had to
3rd Corruption Form
3rd Corruption Form
 find a way for me to talk to you, Jane." Then Ather began to move closer to Jane and Blood X, but not so close were he would startle Blood X. Blood X prepared herself just in case Ather, thought of attacking them. "Question Jane, who is your friend, and why did you come back here?" Jane than began to explain why they were her and who Blood X was. "My Mech malfunctioned while we were passing this planet, and we just happened to crash here, and my friend is my symbiote Blood -----." Jane was cut short, when Blood X had another surge of energy through her, and mutated again. Jane realized it was becoming harder to control Blood X, after every transformation.

Blood X can make multiple copies of herself.
 Blood Manipulation:
Since this symbiote came from blood, it has powers to manipulate blood. Blood X can kill you in a second, if it wanted to, just by doing a few movement of it's hand, constricting the blood to your vital organs.
 Tracking Ability:
Blood X can easily track somebody down, even if they're halfway around the world. She can track somebody easier if she has a little bit of there blood.

Camouflage and Shapeshifting:
 Blood X can blend into her background with ease, to escape detection, or hide from people. Blood X can shape shift anybody part into a sharp, deadly weapon. She can also take on the appearance of someone or something else.
Phazon Control:
 Phazon is a highly radioactive substance originating from the planet Phaaze, known for its extreme mutagenic and energy producing properties. Strangely, it's not only a radioactive substance, but also an extradimensional living being. The substance Phazon has been responsible for the near-destruction of two worlds, Tallon IV of the Chozo and Aether of the Luminoth. In both cases Phazon arrived on the planets via interstellar objects, now known to be Leviathans. On Tallon IV the Phazon devastated and poisoned the ecosystem, eventually destroying the Chozo society that existed there. In Aether, the Phazon Meteor struck the planet and split it into two dimensions, driving the planet and its inhabitants into turmoil.

Many life forms exposed to Phazon radiation expire within seconds. However, some life forms can survive the Phazon exposure, although the price to be paid is horrible mutation of the body and mind. Subjects exposed to Phazon over long periods of time may develop a form of mental breakdown known as Phazon Madness or Phazon Sickness. This condition affects the mind, driving the subject to the point of mental instability and a constant hunger for more Phazon. In Metroid Prime 3, the hunters suffered from Phazon Madness. Life forms that survive Phazon exposure usually gain increased muscle mass and newfound abilities, but suffer a decline in cognitive thought and general lifespan.

Although Phazon is first portrayed solely as a dangerously radioactive destructive substance, Samus, and later the Federation, discovered that the Space Pirates had taken advantage of Phazon's mutagenic properties to create a powerful biologically engineered army of Phazon-enhanced Pirates and other creatures. The Pirates had begun a series of Phazon exposure experiments with native Tallon IV life forms to test Phazon mutagenic abilities, even managing to infuse sapience in inorganic matter (the findings of the Thardus venture). In further experiments, the Pirates had begun Phazon infusion experiments, injecting subjects with pure Phazon. In Metroid Prime, it is the player's ultimate goal to eradicate the source of the Phazon after stopping further Space Pirate experimentation with Phazon.

Phazon originates from the planet Phaaze, a sentient living planet. Phaaze sends living meteors known as Leviathans to other planets in order to infect them with Phazon.

In Metroid Prime 3, an entire system of planets have been corrupted with Phazon. Dark Samus, revived from her defeat inAether's Dark Dimension, has launched enormous Phazon seeds called Leviathans into planets. It is the player's goal to eliminate these sources of Phazon.

Phazon can react with an unknown chemical to produce Phazite, thicker plates of which can only be damaged by concentrated phazon energy orbs. Thin plates slough off damage, but can be damaged with the Plasma Beam. The Nova Beam phases right through it.

Phazon is a highly radioactive, mutagetic, and semi-sentient substance. Phazon is also capable of self-reproduction, making it's ability to spread incredibly efficient. Most Phazon is blue in color, except for the much more potent orange variation, whose radiation and mutagetic levels far exceed the normal blue Phazon. Orange Phazon also has small bluish hued energy spheres that appear on the surface, which act as spawning nests for Fission Metroids. Red crystals with low amounts of Phazon energy are found in the Magmoor Caverns. Because of this, the Pirates intended to put them on the market when Phazon operations are complete. There are also Black Phazon Crystals only found on Phaaze. They are commonly mined by Space Pirates. This suggests that there are unknown types of Phazon elsewhere.

Phazon exists in many phases. It is most commonly seen as Phazon ore, appearing as a network of blue veins and crystal-like sacs. A more concentrated form of Phazon is known as liquid Phazon, liquid Phazon takes on the traits of a dense gel. Large amounts of Phazon are usually seen with bolts of Phazon energy, appearing as arcs of static electricity. This is probably due to the high amount of unstable energy Phazon is constantly producing.

Phazon also demonstrates a trace amount of sentience. Left-over Phazon energy after a Leviathan impact can manifest itself into Phaazoid, mindless Phazon energy that is constantly discharging itself.

Scans of dead troopers on the GFS Valhalla also seem to indicate that phazon found impaling troopers is absorbing the corpses and turning them into Phazon.

Phazon releases unique energy in the form of Phazon radiation. Exposure to any amount of Phazon radiation can be deadly. Most bioforms in direct contact with Phazon ore/liquid die within seconds. Even living within an area with high Phazon concentration can be fatal over time. However, bioforms with prolonged Phazon exposure that do not die are mutated horribly. Exposure to Phazon radiation destroys brain cells and cognitive thought in sentient beings, yet it also sees a gain muscle mass and other beneficial abilities. Phazon exposure, while destroying the mind, makes beings hunger for more Phazon. In turn, corrupted beings also have a natural instinct to protect Phazon and its source. Humans seem to be immune to the mental effects of Phazon, as demonstrated by the Galactic FederalPED Troopers and by Samus AranChozo, on the contrary, are especially weak to it, for even their ghosts become insane from Phazon exposure.

Phazon can also be used as an energy source, as it's total energy output far exceeds that of fuel gel.

Phazon, because of the intense radiation it produces and its mutagenic properties is a deadly toxic substance. Any planet with Phazon corruption left unchecked will "kill" the planet. The planet will slowly turn into pure Phazon, becoming like Phaaze.

Phazon Madness:
Phazon Madness is a mental illness caused by exposure to Phazon radiation. Its exact symptoms is unknown, though scans in Metroid Prime suggest severe dementia and increased hostility toward other bioforms. This would lead one to believe it also leads to brain damage in the subject, possibly resulting in death if left untreated. Phazon Madness also seems to increase the strength of the target considerably, as noted in a scan in Metroid Prime: Victims of Phazon Madness are used as training simulations for Elite Pirates. It could also be infered that through brain damage, the pain tolerance level of the subject would be raised dramatically.
Side Affects From Phazon:
The main side affect from Phazon, for Blood X/ Jane are the madness, feeling pumped most of the time, jittery, and just feeling like you need to hit something. A weird affect, happens every now and than for Blood X/Jane, if to much Phazon builds up inside her, she gets a British accent. Her symbiote is able to come over her, and vent out the excess Phazon. Her eye color changes back and forth between red, orange, blue, green, yellow, and black. She gets into a bad mood, and taunts people into trying to kill her just for the fun of it.

Phazon Pet: 
Jane encountered, and befriended a creature called an Ing on Phazon, way before she got Blood X. The Ing's name was Ather
Ather E. the Ing
Ather E. the Ing
 E., he was one of the friendly Ing's. He helped Jane get off of Phaaze the first time she landed there, and helped her again, and Jane's symbiote Blood X. He wanted to go with Jane the first time they met, but Jane said "No you need to stay on your planet.", but when he helped her again, she let him come with her, because her symbiote Blood X was fond of him. He hangs on to Blood X, and looks like a backpack on her back. It also, looks like her spider symbol on her.
Ather's Transformations:
When Ather comes in contact with more Phazon, it may cause him to change forms.
Second Form:
In this form, Ather looks like a scorpion. He has a stinger tail, that can inject lethal amounts of a Phazon into the victims body.
2nd Form
2nd Form
3rd Form
3rd Form
Third Form:
In this form Ather looks more like an over-sized "metal" wolf. His main way of attack is headbutting you, with the diamond hard Phazon Gem in his head. 
Fourth Form:
In this form, Ather looks more human like. He is fast and agile. He uses a staff, filled with "Phazon Orbs", to attack people. When the orbs hit an object, they explode immediately. He also has the power to turn invisible, for a short time.
4th Form
4th Form
Fifth Form:
Ather looks even more human-like. His staff can shot rapid burst of "Phazon Orbs.," clearing out a room in a second. He can also charge his staff/gun for a more powerful attack.
5th Form
5th Form
Sixth Form:
This form is rare for Ather to use, because he can not transform back to any other form for a very long time, and he may die from the built up Phazon inside of him. He fights with his sword-like arm, and shot Phazon form his arm cannon.
6th Form
6th Form

Healing Factor:
Blood X can heal itself immediately after getting wounded, and can heal others also.
 Wall Crawling:
Blood X can stick to any surface easily.

Blood X's spider-sense, senses danger before it happens
 This is the main, way of transportation for Blood X. Having and unlimited amount of webbing, she can travel cross-country in a couple of hours, without having to stop to refill.Blood X can shoot webbing from her finger-tips, her wrist, top part of her hand, and her feet.
Enjoying the trip.
Enjoying the trip.
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Gone For Some Time

I'm going to be gone for some time, computer acting weird, and going to see some family. I most likely won't have internet access.

I'm still gonna work on the vids, I'm doing for some people.

May Take Request

I may take request on making vids, and photoshopping some pics, for your characters, but I'm not promising I'll have them done immediately, or do them :P, Send me some pics. I should use for the vids. please people



I got Nightcrawler :D, can't believe the first one I got was Puck XP

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Nightcrawler is a suave swashbuckling kind of guy. Religion is a big deal to him but he's been known to let loose from time to time. Hopefully you find the color blue attractive and don't mind carrying a lint brush in your purse.
Puck may be short on size but he'll make up for that with experience. He'll show you fun - Canadian style. There's also another reason he wears a giant P on his shirt.
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Should his mission be to show you a good time, you will have a night you will never forget. You might want to bring earplugs in case Jack needs to yell at someone.
Human Torch
You literally like 'em hot. Human Torch has what it takes to heat you up. He'll give you a date you won't forget. Just be careful when playing with fire.

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