Top 10 Comic Characters I Wouldn't Want To Be.

Some people just have hard Jobs, and tough lives.

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  • I would not want to have that job for all the money in the world. He did the best he could dammit!

  • Screw that job! Yeah he is a Bad ass, but dealing with what he does daily is a serious HELL NAH from me

  • When you aren't dead you have the potential to randomly destroy the world. When you come back you have to accept that your husband has been either sleeping with an identical red head or another pychic. Not a fun existance

  • To love someone who is just using you is one thing. to be turned into a homicidal maniac by them is just messed up.

  • I went crazy and destroyed the mutant race, I would not want to have to deal with that mess.

  • Jesus christ when does this man sleep, Principal, Assassin, Avenger, X-Men, and solo adventurer. I'm tired just thinking about it.

  • What a thank less job it would be to be Spider-Man. The Fantastic Four is instantly accepted and loved, but you take on five villains at once and YOUR the bad guy. Screw that.

  • The Spider-Man of DC works his ass off to rule his kingdom and be a superhero and the only person who recognizes it is mera. At least the Justice League instantly recognized is awesomeness.

  • Being a king sounds like a royal pain in the ass. Know wonder he prefers to be a costumed crime fighter.

  • It would be like a video game in reverse to be the avatar of Dr. Fate. Sorry, but keep that damn helemet away from me.