My Favorite X-Men

Not a top five of all time mind you just the ones I love the most.

I may add more later after some careful consideration.

List items

  • Ororo is strong, regal, powerful, wise, and is a good friend to have and a bad enemy to make. She is a woman who keeps a cool head under pressure and someone who demands respect.

  • A man who started out so soft and pure became a soul corrupted by all the horros he has faced. Yet through it all he has always strived to do good.

  • Betsy is a lady who has gone through several changes each better than the last. Despite doing things she may be ashamed "but feels is necessary" of she still holds onto a since of nobility and honor which keep her well grounded.

  • All the edginess of Wolverine without the over exposure and four volumes of back story. The theif turned hero, with a wicked set of tricks up his sleeve and a tounge that that leads him to trouble as often as it gets him out of it.

  • Kurt is a man who despite having seen the worst humanity has to offfer has never lost himself to hate or fear. He is a noble soul, but more importantly he is the kinda guy you can respect and still share a laugh with.