My Favorite Avengers

Alot of characters have been Avengers, so I'm going by 616 universe appearances and relevence.

List items

  • I love Clint Barton. The man is a wise ass, a bit of a jerk, and a total womanizer, but in a pinch he is the man who will sacrifice his life to save the world.

  • It was a tough Call putting Clint over Steve, because I love both. Cap is the person who everyone looks to when things are at their bleakist, and he rallies them, he gives them cause and strength. No other comic character can do that like he can.

  • Jen is a bad ass, and a woman who has earned her place in the Marvel Universe and as an Avenger and solo hero. She is the Hulk to be on the roster.

  • Janet is one of those magical characters who comes off as real, but more than that she is a woman of incredible character. Smart, sassy, a fashionista and a leader when need be. If anyone should be brought back It is Janet Van Dyne.

  • Herc is just plain epic. He just adds life and humor to every panel and unlike some characters it never feels forced. When he isn't playing solo hero Herc should be bunking with the Avengers.