Blood1991: Favorites

The 1st four are my all times everyone else is randomly placed

EDITED- Now just comic characters.

List items

  • The X-Men was my very 1st comic book and Storm had already made an impression on me from the cartoon. She just always stuck with me.

  • I thought he was a brash sexist ass. It wasn't until I read the old West Coast Avengers that I realized He was a much stronger character and a good hearted person to boot.

  • I believe in clear distinctions between right and wrong and I usually always agree with Cap and have since I was a kid.

  • I love a chick who is confident and ballzie and She-Hulk is all that and more.

  • Respect the queen of comic heroines.

  • Batman TAS made me fall in love with her. To this day I read her bubbles with a Brooklyn accent.

  • Colossus is a gentle giant, that has seen the worst of the world, and in some ways it has corrupted him. At the end of the day he reflects the X-Men's emotional state

  • Zantanna is totally bad ass. How many characters can say they have gone from a side show act to the mistress of magic?

  • I love Herc he is strong, funny, and all around awesome

  • Who doesn't love Psylocke?

  • The ragin Cajin! Gambit is awesome, he may not be as tough as some of the other X-Men, but he has proved that he deserves the title of hero.

  • Janet not only was a founding Avenger, but led them. Plus she solo'd the X-Men and is totally awesome.

  • She is so under rated. Misty is sexy, cool, and a lady who keeps her witts about her.

  • Aquaman has grown on me quicker than than I thought possible. His new title as made me a fan and I'm proud to say it.

  • Not that AOA impostor either the real Kurt. The man who makes you laugh, and stands an example of courage and good character.

  • So freakin bad ass. This chick owns the field with that sword.

  • Oh Tchalla, my experiences with your were very vague until you married Storm. So if any good came out of that mess, it was that I became better acquainted with your character. Priest made me a fan, and Hickman is going to do you wonders.

  • Powerful, dark, and sexy Raven is a troubled soul who will always have a special place in my heart.

  • The only FF member I love. Johnny and Ben are cool, but Sue is the sh!t.

  • Medusa owns. She is a true warrior queen, and the heart of the Inhumans.

  • Despite his beastial apperance he is one of the most human characters in comics. Unsure of himself, and self conscience.

  • What can I say, Kitty is beast.

  • Oh Katie Kate how you have grown on me.

  • He may very well be moving up soon. I'm still exploring this lovable bloke.

  • Martial arts master!

  • He's freakin Spiderman

  • Sexy, tough as nails, and woman that has earned every bit of recognition she gets.

  • I love Cloak and Dagger, but I like Cloak a little more.

  • I like Dagger alot, but I get kinda p!ssed when she is given more focus than Cloak. Still love you Tandy.

  • I don't know as much about him as I would like, but I loved him in the JL and plan on learning more.

  • The chick is a hardcore bad ass. Powers no powers she gets the job done.

  • Such a cool cat. Complex, sexy, can crack that whip. I see little not to like.

  • Sam has really grown on me as I've reread X-Books.

  • Cunning, deadly, and some what misunderstood. Ivy is a character who only cares about a few people and things in this world. Anything that gets in the way gets obliterated.

  • Oh Tessa I knew thee well. Cold, but never heartless.

  • I really like Matt. Tough, fair, and funnier than you would expect him to be. All around great character.

  • Love Mari. Sassy, sexy, with a wicked power set. DC needs to develop you!

  • Love Magic users in general and can't get much better than the Sorcerer Supreme!

  • Awww Broo is adorable.

  • He's a blob of adorable and a teleportation device!

  • I just love the idea.

  • How underrated is this guy?

  • I love you Arrow the Pizzadog.