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Conan is in the House (Citadel)! 0

After reading 'The Citadel at the Center of Time' scripted by Roy Thomas and art by John Buscema & Alfredo Alcala (with a fantastic cover by Boris Vallejo) I can say I was thoroughly entertained and amazed at the level of skill and imagination a black & white comic from the '70's can conjure up.And speaking of conjuring, having a Wizard-King in semi-control of a magical Ziggurat that can allow it's user to travel in time and act as a zoo for barbarian cavemen and dragons (Tyrannosaurus ...

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Conan Crucifixion! 0

'A Witch Shall Be Born' from Roy Thomas and John Buscema & The Tribe is an adaptation from the story by Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Barbarian. And what a story it is!It starts with a rather lame cliche with Queen Taramis, the ruler of Khauran learning she has a twin sister that was thought to being dead. A witch named Salome is bitter to her sister and wants to take over. Salome would impose as Taramis and fire the loyal guards, captained by Conan. The only telltale sign is c...

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