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Gray & Palmiotti continue to deliver lots of action 2

This issue picks up exactly were the last one left off; with the high-tech army ant themed mercenaries, called the Marabunta, converging on Lucius Fox’s resident. The Marabunta invade the Fox Resident and all hell breaks loose as Luke Fox starts to ponder if the Marabunta know that he is Batwing.I give a summary of what happens in this issue, there will be spoilers below The GoodIn the previous issue, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti delivered some fast paced action and in this issue, they do the...

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Nice action, Poor dialogue. 0

The Good This issue picks up right where the previous one ended, with Batwing battling the brutally vicious Lion-Mane. Without spoiling much, the battle between Batwing and Lion-Mane is basically a rehashing of the old comic book cliché, brain vs brawn.We know Luke is an intellectually gifted young man, or at least we assume him to be, because of his educational background and the fact that he's the son of Lucius Fox. Lion-Mane on the other hand, from his other comic appearances, we know is a br...

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