Cloak and Dagger: Double edged Sword

New character list for Marvel Genesis cloak and dagger reboot

List items

  • super teen duo, main heroes of the arc

  • Tyrone gained the power over darkness from the influence of D'spayre. He is an emotional blanket fo Tandy who struggles with life as a superhero and the pressures with it along with his crumbling mind as the darkforce tempts him towards darkenss.

  • Tandy ued to be the perfect daughter, but was kicked out from her home for taking drugs. She later gained the ability to produce light and joined her friend cloak to be heroes. Sadly her father hearing about her herosim persuaded her to stop being reckless, but revealing himself as her father painted a target on him and he was killed by silvermane

  • Rookie blue who joined the investigation on new drugs however she was kidnapped and was given powers of her own.

  • Holy man who takes in homless teens and becomes a parental figure to tandy and tyrone.

  • silvermanes henchmen