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The Supersonic Sensation

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Personal Information

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Name: Blitz the Hedgehog

Alias(es): Blue

Species: Paraelerix-Altventris

Gender: Male

Age: . . . wants to die as a young legend.

Eye Color: Green

Quill Color: Blue

Height: 100 cm (3' 3")

Weight: 35 kg (77 lb.)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Emerald City

Planet of Origin: Tesahiri in the Llomia-Llopalara Quadrant

Base of Operations: None

Affiliation: Himself

Family: Unknown

Education: High-School Level Graduate

Occupation: None; Adventurer; Occasional Hero

The Stylish Speedster

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Growing up in Emerald City, Blitz the Hedgehog was just another regular, ordinary hedgehog, and his quills were not even blue! He had average grades, which means they were below the average, excelled in athletics, had a couple of friends, and was a natural at extreme sports, particularly hoverboard racing. An overall slacker but with a good heart! Nonetheless, the hedgehog was often bullied and picked upon by others, and the nickname Blitz would not come from his superspeed he would later gain, but rather from the fact he kept losing all his hoverboard matches, either by his opponents cheating or his gear constantly failing him due to low funds.

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One day, all of a sudden, a bolt of lightning struck him during an intense race, zapping him and his scrapheap yet superfast hoverboard! The sudden exposure to such energy and the explosion resulting from his hoverboard frying transformed Blitz into the high-stakes, supersonic daredevil everyone now knows him as, gaining super-speed, reflexes, and even his quills are all blue and cool with added bonus of being hyper-durable, especially when the young hedgehog travels at super-speeds. Trading his scrapped hoverboard parts for a pair of nigh-frictionless sneakers and neat shades, Blitz began traveling across his world, going on various adventures and discovering the potential hidden in his newfound abilities. Eventually the radical rodent began traveling to other planets and star systems before returning to his home planet and went back to hoverboard racing, winning a few championships before retiring as finding that going on adventures was way more fun and exciting than any race, although he does tend to miss his hoverboard, family, and home from time to time.

However, during one of his adventures, Blitz found himself suddenly transported to planet Earth with no way home when a portal suddenly opened up and swallowed him whole after escaping a prison complex. Stranded and having no other plans, the supersonic sensation has begun traveling across Earth as he moves through life at his own pace, free as the wind.