Blazing Eagle: Favorites

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  • One kickass hero. The true underdog in the Justice League

  • The best rogue team. I think they can kick the Mighty avengers ass. Well we will shall see.

  • The best comic book out there.

  • This guy effin Rocks! I think he is going to give Spidey competition for the position of poster boy for Marvel Comics

  • I've always love this guy's armor better than Tony Stark's Armor.

  • love this mutant! He kicks ass.

  • I love this mutant too! I rather follow her orders than Cyclops anyday!

  • I don't know about this one. She's one of my favorite superheroine, even though she's only a cartoon character, she has personalty qualities I admire in real life women.

  • my favorite superperson. Like her more than her cousin.

  • a complete sweetheart that's why she is my favorite.

  • My first Captain America comic I received was from this Asthma Clinic my doctor told me to go to when I was like 5 years old. The Clinic had a childrens astma workshop. Each kid in that workshop got the same comicbook.

    The comicbook had Captain America battling some Asthma monster. That's when I fell in love with the hero Captain America because of his sick condition cured by steroids which inturn transform him into a olympic atlthete. I love how he used his new ablities for the common good.

    I learn from Captain America.

  • I like this character because it shows how people can change. Mary Jane use to be a selfish party girl but when decided to change her ways and marry Peter she became a better person.

    Now she is one hot chick, not only is she pretty but she is fun to party with and has a caring heart, that is hard to find someone who cares and can party even in real life.

  • Beauty, Brains, Strong will, not to mention a sexy legs and curvy butt with a little uptop to boot. Carol Danvers has stuff I always find attractive about women.

  • I like this one for her you know what. he he he.

  • love her big bust and centerfold figure. I love seeing her in scenes with Spidey it incredible funny and entertaining.

  • I like this bombshell too bad she married to GA

  • I love this latin bombshell. She's hot!