Didn't really use Comicvine that much today. Just browsed through and looked up some characters. i know its pretty lame that i just write about what i did in the day.


Trying to Complete some of the Quests can sometimes be a real DRAG. There are some i can answer right away, and then there are the ones that take me a few times to CRACK. I have so far been able to crack some of the QUESTS in just the matter of a few days. I have gone from Level 1 - Level 13 in a very short time (3 days to be exact).

The Beginning

I truley first fell in love with comics in 9th grade High School year. My teacher had gotten a collection of comics from his friend, but it wasn't much of a selection. He had the basic comics like Spider-Man, Superman, & a few Batman comics. As the 2nd or 3rd Mester of 9th grade year started, i was transferred to a different English Class. My new English teacher was also a comicbook lover. He had more of a selection to choose from. He had from Jonah Hex, to the Red Hulk. Comicbooks have always been a good past-time for me and always will be.

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