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Not just another Wolverine 0

Well Dark Reign has fully took grip on the Marvel Univerese and Daken is lovin' it and so far, so am i. I did'nt like Daken when he made his first apperance way back in Wolverine Origin's # 10, he had nothing to him, he had no character, but that was then this is now, he's really developed as a character, he comes across as the kind of person who would laugh at old people falling over, he's got a very black humor but when it comes down to it i think he's a ok dude. His banter with Hawkeye in thi...

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A bit of a show off 0

Im looking to do more of these now anyway this was a decent issue but i think this issue is a just to show how far Tim has come and how he has changed. I can see Tim is at the same point in his life now as Dick Grayson was when he went solo, he has the same attiude of "Hay screw you man" then punching the dude (or Dudess) in the face with out a second thought and he does'nt care if some pepole don't approve of his mission to find his adopted father. Thats some thing i find strange, why are Dick ...

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Danny is back 0

Well possibly one of Marvel's biggest characters of the 90's is back with a vengeance [pun intended], but when i heard when he was getting his own title again i thought it was going to just mold back into the 90's series ass kicking, bone smashing groove but no, Marvel where quite brave with this and made one of their biggest hits of the 90's little more than a recovering drug addict looking for his next hit. This work quite some well on some levels but made me fell a bit uneasy watching the cha...

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Mint 1

Soultaker is a decent Wolverine story, but it had a lot to live up to because of what just came before it the ememy of the state and agent of sheild and it suprised me i liked it, the story is good and easy to follow, the art work is good, the art work is brillent on the covers, especially issues 3,4 and 5. My only complaint would be that the artist draws Wolverine claws kind of coming out of the spaces in between his fingures not the back of his hands, the characters are drawn in anime style, i...

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