Why didn't I start reading the Green Lantern sooner?

I'd like to preface this by saying I am both new to DC Comics and Green Lantern. When I was a kid, just like everyone, you put a towel around your neck and flew like Superman. Or you wanted to be the cool alt kid and chose Batman. Green Lantern was never a career choice for a pre-teen adolescent in my neighborhood. I heard of him vaguely. Saw him on DC animated shows every now and then, but I always dismissed him. Mainly because his power, a power ring, was a little too convenient. Marvel, I considered back then, had grittier more realistic powers and super heroes. Scenarios for Green Lantern consisted of subterranean villains that popped their heads from the ground only to get it bashed in by a construct sledgehammer like a carnival minigame. Or the baddies would line up on a platform and a construct bowling ball would "bowl" them over. I used to hate how DC treated GL's powers. The reason I started this journey into the world of Green Lantern, began like most journeys. I was bored and started watching cartoons. I watched two animated GL movies, then the people acted Dawson's Creek version Hollywood put out. The story was slightly interesting. I know that probably makes longtime fans a little butthurt, but give me a minute. The Corps and space cop saving the universe was something I never took a chance and paid attention to. I was always put off by the cartoonish constructs and tailor made results for GL. The movies made me think about all I didn't know about the guy. So I picked up a copy of GL #1, and was pleasantly surprised. I have read every issue in the relaunch and the story is amazingly good. The Indigo Tribe and Sinestro. I don't know if I'm right in saying this, but I think Sinestro is an awesome character. I found myself wanting Hal's panels to be erased. The story is fresh and by not focusing GL's constructs I can appreciate the Green Lantern's universe. This comic is great, the characters are better than I thought and even the constructs don't put me off as much. That motorcycle Hal created was badass. I know a lot of blogs have focused on the New 52 and the tinkering with or altogether omission of past storylines, but I feel none of those effects because I'm new to the DC Universe. These stories are fresh, current and well written. I'm currently reading GL, Justice League, all the Batmans, Aquaman, Flash and am considering a look at some of the other Lantern books.