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Nice thread! You should also add his intelligence of being able to outsmart Vowrawn, the head of the Sphere of Logistics whose tatical mindset outsmarted many Sith that wanted to gain his seat. Yet Baras nearly pushed him to his backfeet in Corellia. Had it wasn't been for the Wrath (A variable Vowrawn never accounted for) interfering, Vowrawn would've died from the third assassin whose success was only thwarted at the last minute by the Emperor's Wrath.

"I applaud you. Convey my congratulations to your master for his superior game play." (Darth Vowrawn speaking to the Wrath, whom he misinterpreted as an assassin for Baras. Yet it shows for a moment he realizes that Baras outsmarted him.) Source: Old Republic

"Many upstart Sith have attempted to best Vowrawn over the years through a variety of strategies, from complex schemes to bluntly direct surprise attacks. Although some scored temporary victories, Vowrawn’s talent for adjusting his strategy on the fly has left him the final victor in all these confrontations." Source: The Old Republic