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✦✦ The Black Star ✦✦

The Black Light Lord
The Black Light Lord

Real Name: Unknown

Aliases: Blackstone, First Knight, Knight of Entropy, Day Star, Black Light Lord, Black Star, Harbinger, Son of the First Dawn, Space-Time Sorcerer, Bound Eternal

Height: 6'7"

Weight: Unknown

Age: Immortal

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: White (Luminous)

Species: Unknown

Gender: Male

Alignment: Morally Ambiguous

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Unknown

Occupation: Knight of Entropy, Cosmic Wanderer

Affiliation: Entropy, Knights of Entropy (Member)

✴ The First Knight of Entropy - Origin/Background

If he had a name he would be known, and if he had a voice he would speak. But he was stripped of his name, given a star's white glow, and bound to an eternity defined by service to a force that ends all things; Entropy. Knighted as the first of Entropy's servants, Blackstone roams the cosmic beyond in search of universes ready for the ultimate fate of thermodynamic equilibrium, his chrome glimmer heralding a coming age of no energy transfer, no life, of nothing - only maximum entropy.

✴ The Bound Eternal - Psychological Profile/Personality

A nameless entity defined largely by restraint and forced servitude, Blackstone is a melancholic figure who is usually unflappable in his role as the First Knight of Entropy. A role that entails traveling to universes chosen to be dealt the decaying hand of maximum entropy/thermodynamic equilibrium, and a role that the Black Light Lord has fulfilled for countless eternities. And as with all of Entropy's knights, Blackstone is imprisoned in the last universe he led Entropy to, forced to float aimlessly in a dead reality wherein there is no energy transfer and no mechanical work, only stray neutrinos sweeping him by every trillion years or so until Entropy inevitably calls him into duty once more. Though soulless, Entropy regards it as a necessary cruelty that neuters any desire felt by his knights. The desire for greater meaning to one's existence. The desire to bond with souls other than their own. The desire to stray from servitude.

So, like those chosen to serve Entropy as knights heralding universal decay, Blackstone is detached and distant, a being who recognizes the futility in seeking meaningful relationships with souls whose universes he damns to a cold and lifeless fate. And yet, the Black Light Lord is torn asunder by intermittent bouts of kindness and pity, and of sympathy and empathy. Guilt boils over him, pulling at a soul that admires the flourishing beauty of living universes. The beauty of galaxies, stars, planets, life and civilization he bears witness to for the short blips he's allowed to roam beyond his stagnant prison before being inevitably returned to a void wherein nothing can happen or ever will again. He assists those in need, yet surrenders to the overwhelming disgust felt for his part in damning them to non-existence. His is a tortured soul, one bound to a vow of near-total silence forged by his fate as an enslaved destroyer, an ender of things he yearns to see flourish.

He is the merciful forced to be merciless, the loving forced to be cruel, and the creator forced to destroy, and it fans the flames of conflict in a soul passive to the eternity chosen for him.

✴ The Space-Time Sorcerer - Intelligence

✧✧ Intelligence ✧✧

An exotic entity whose mind subscribes to less proofs than does the human mind, Blackstone understands the logical consequences of a greater number of statements than the human mind can and does given the collection of rules deduced from his countless his years alive. The overwhelming intelligence to see the extended logical consequences of things has rendered proofs largely trivial to him. When described by the Sentience Quotient (SQ) concept, the extent of Blackstone's raw intelligence is made clear. SQ expresses the efficiency of an information-processing unit e.g. the brain or an alien equivalent. The formula behind the concept is logarithmic. It's comprised of the base-10 log of the ratio of the brain's information-processing rate (in bits per second) to the brain's mass (in kilograms). Humans, as determined by the concept, have an SQ of 13, whereas plants have an SQ of -2, 15 points below a human's information-processing efficiency, or - with logarithms taken into account - a million billion times lower.

Although the Black Light Lord is nowhere near the maximum SQ allowed by physical laws, his ranks so far above human SQ that any attempts at communicating with humans at his full capacity is largely futile, akin to the communication between a human and a fish. What knowledge Blackstone has absorbed with such overwhelming intelligence remains unknown, however his terrifying skill over space-time sorcery is indicative of how easily he masters the complicated.

✴ The Black Star - Powers & Abilities

✧✧ Space-Time Sorcery ✧✧

A unique being whose origin is shrouded in cosmic mystery, Blackstone's body is a thing unlike any other. It is not made of atoms, nor is it home to cells, DNA or any such equivalent expected to be found in a living thing. Instead, the Black Light Lord's chrome body is a unique programming glitch woven into the information fabric of the multiverse. Underneath his chrome skin, a vacuum exists, one whose interior volume is far greater than the surface area of the Black Light Lord's body. This vacuum, although seemingly empty, is pervaded by an enormous reservoir of unique energy whose very nature enables Blackstone to achieve the impossible e.g. altering the speed of light or giving birth to atoms. Governed by physical laws unknown and exotic, the result is not only an extraordinarily powerful body whose strength is enough to shatter worlds and endure the stresses of stars without harm, but one whose strange nature enables Blackstone to require no known sustenance, manipulate energy, and in particular, space-time like few others can.

Firstly, the Black Light Lord can create or remove curvatures in space-time, which - according to general relativity - is gravity. By manipulating the curvature of space-time, Blackstone can, by definition, manipulate the force of gravity, the full extent of which enables him to accomplish feats such as causing celestial bodies to collapse upon themselves, in addition to standard manipulation of the attractive force/pull of gravity. The sheer scope of Blackstone's space-time manipulation is given greater credence when it is understood that every event in the universe takes place in multiple dimensions of space and one of time. Be they three dimensions of space or more (according to string theory). Without the dimensions of space and time, events cannot take place, and physical existence itself becomes impossible. No dimension can do without the other. An object, for example, cannot occupy space but not time e.g. it cannot have size yet not occupy any seconds. Because to say that an object doesn't exist for any measure of time is to say that object does not exist.

The Sorcerer of Space-Time
The Sorcerer of Space-Time

A universe with neither space nor time is no universe at all, and the reality of such enables Blackstone - a terrifying manipulator of space-time - to cast objects, systems and even people from existence. And he can do so either by stripping an object's ability to occupy space. And if an object does not occupy spatial dimensions, then it does not exist. Furthermore, the ability to control space-time, the unified fabric through which all things move, grants Blackstone the power to control events. He can, for example, suspend an attacker to a fixed point in space by restricting their motion to specific spatial coordinates of length, breadth and height, trapping them and their actions in a prison forged from space-time itself. Furthermore, he can also alter the space-time coordinates of events, causing for example, an attack from an opponent to travel along a specific path defined by the space-time coordinates Blackstone chooses, enabling him to cause an opponent to attack themselves or some other unintended target.

The power to manipulate space-time coordinates is among Blackstone's greatest means of defense as it allows him to accomplish any number of things such as forcing attackers, objects and so on to move to a fixed point in space-time as dictated by the space-time coordinates of his choosing. The ability to manipulate the movement of objects through spatial dimensions is also responsible for Blackstone's ability to fly. By moving through the dimensional path of his choice e.g. the height, length etc. he can move across the geometric plane of space-time in whichever direction he pleases. Among his more peculiar and devastating powers, is the ability to increase and decrease the processing speed allowed by the fabric of space-time in different universes. In this universe, where the maximum processing speed is the speed of light, Blackstone exceeds such restrictions by upgrading the processing speed of local space-time, enabling him to far exceed the speed of light. Though just as he can increase the processing speed of space-time, he can also decrease it.

And he often decreases the processing speed of the space-time around his opponents or certain objects, either slowing them down significantly or freezing them in space-time by decreasing the processing speed around them to 0. The most exotic of Blackstone's space-time abilities however, is the expert manipulation of the universe's three spatial dimensions; x, y, and z - length, width, and depth. Spatial dimensions measure where things are in relation to a physical point and describe the physical size of an object. Among some of Blackstone's minor powers is the ability to detect energy, physical bodies and temporal and spatial anomalies (such as immigrants from parallel worlds or alternate timelines) in the fabric of space-time. Despite his humanoid appearance, Blackstone is far from it. He intakes no liquids, consumes no food, breathes no air, and does not age.

Toxins and so on have no effect on him, and though despite the exotic nature of his existence, Blackstone has no true defenses from the psychic/telepathic attacks of those whose minds are fast enough to engage with the absurd information-processing speed of his. Finally, Blackstone is often seen riding a board of some kind. It also appears to be a highly reflective space-time anomaly. It's purpose however, is to fold space-time in a manner to open rifts through which Blackstone can travel between locations in space-time, be they other locations in the same universe or beyond.