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My Favorite Spider-Man Artists

So I was looking back at a few of my posts when I first started on ComicVine, and I noticed that one of my first few posts was regarding my favorite Spider-Man artists. So, I decided to make a list (not ordered in any specific way) of whose work I love on Spider-Man. I'll probably just update this list whenever I come across some dope artwork.

List items

  • Great mix of classic and modern styles.

  • The definitive Spider-Man artist IMO.

  • His work is just beautiful to look at.

  • Super-underrated Spider-Man artist; I think he is one of the best.

  • Another under-rated artist who I really enjoy.

  • He hasn't done much work on Peter, but his art is undeniably top-notch.

  • I'm not a huge fan of his interiors, but his covers are some of the best out there.

  • He had a classic run on Spider-Man, and his work is really nice to look at IMO.

  • He hasn't done much work on Peter, but I love his artwork on Spider-Man 2099.

  • Loved his work on Avenging Spider-Man!

  • His covers and banners are just beautiful. Also loved his work on the Spider-Man: Family Business graphic novel.

  • Pretty much everything he draws is great IMO, so his Spidey work is no exception.

  • Another classic Spider-Man artist; though I prefer his father's work just a bit...

  • IMO, he should go down as one of the classic Spider-Man artist. Great stuff!

  • Loved his work during the 'Big Time' era of Amazing Spider-Man. Just a great artist in general IMO.

  • Love his Spider-Man cover art!

  • I wasn't a huge fan of the writing during most of his comics, but the art was consistently great.

  • This man really nails his Spider-Man IMO. He has a great mix between realistic and stylized work, which is why I enjoy it so much.

  • His art is some of the most realistic and beautiful that I've ever seen, and his work on Spider-Verse was so good that it even made Camuncoli (one of my other favorites) look worse in comparison.

  • This guy's covers and artwork are consistently awesome; I only wish he drew interiors sometime.

  • He hasn't drawn Spider-Man in general, but every time he has, it's been awesome. He's also one of my favorite artists in general.

  • His work is really good in general, but his stuff on Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives is what really cements his spot on this list for me.

  • Nothing to say here beyond the fact that his Spider-Man work is just... superior.