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Characters I Want to Try/Learn to Use in CaVs

Here are a list of characters I am interested in eventually trying CaVs with. Although I am not an expert on all their feats or anything, so I would need to do substantial research while posting, I do have quite a bit of knowledge on these characters due to my interest in their source material. I've ordered them in roughly descending order of how ready I am to use them in a CaV. I have probably read a significant amount of the comics which they have appeared in, if not all of them. If anyone has any recommendations for characters I should try, please comment below.

List items

  • N52/Rebirth. She's my new favorite DC character thanks to the amazing Green Lanterns run, so I'd like to rep her in a CAV some day.

  • 616, mostly in prep focused battles. I mainly grew interested in Hank Pym after the Rage of Ultron graphic novel and the general Pymtron storyline which is currently happening, but going back and reading about him really makes me think he is a fascinating character - probably one of the most deeply flawed and complex characters in all of Marvel, at least in my opinion. While his powers aren't particularly interesting to me, I'm a huge sucker for genius characters, and Pym is arguably the 3rd smartest in that field, for Marvel at least. Since I'm really interested in reading more about him now (one of my new top priorities) I also hope to be able to gain enough knowledge on his feats as well.

  • Mainly Post-Siege Loki (for now), including God of Stories Loki. The reason I got interested in this character was due to the Loki: Sorcerer Supreme run, and to catch up with that story, I read all of the Loki issues starting from Siege: Loki to Gillen's Journey Into Mystery run, and from so on. However, the main run which really made me like his character so much was Ewing's awesome "Loki: Agent of Asgard". Anti-hero Loki is so much fun!

  • 616 version, with or without prep. This guy is a seriously cool villain; with formidable gear and extremely fun time hax. What's not to like?

  • 616 composite (or any specific version), with or without prep. All hail DOOM! This guy is just a total bad ass, and one of my favorite villains of all time. While I don't know too much about him beyond some of his more recent comics and appearances in Spider-Man, I want to get around to reading more about him anyways, so this could be a good opportunity.

  • Post-Flashpoint. I was initially wary of including any DC characters in this list, since I find their continuity a complete mess, which turns me off from really following DC, but The Flash is one of the few characters who I do try and read occasionally from DC, thanks to a friend who got me interested. I'm also a pretty huge fan of the CW Flash show (and the Arrowverse in general tbh), so that doesn't hurt. I know he's often portrayed as either some sort of super-powerful god or as stupid as a brick on ComicVine, but I still find his stories and villains quite enjoyable for the most part. I haven't even tried reading anything before Flashpoint though, since I don't want my brain to explode while trying to piece together the continuity.

  • Just an absolute badass with amazing intelligence feats. I'm a sucker for genius characters, so how can I not love the smartest of them all? I'd probably wanna do prep CAVs with this dude.

  • One of my favorite (if not favorite) Spidey love interests and supporting characters. Also just a super cool character in her own right with the bad luck powers and all that.

  • (ADDED) 616 and Post-Priest's run, without prep. I learned about him during one of my first CaVs, which inspired me to start reading about him. Really awesome and well-rounded character IMO.

  • (ADDED) 616 and preferably in an armor after (or including) Extremis - or just a composite armor - with or without prep. I learned about him due to encountering and debating a bunch of Iron Man fans on this site, which got me interested in reading his comics to debunk some of his feats. However, I ended up enjoying them a lot and becoming a fan. The movie didn't hurt either!

  • (ADDED) 616 Classic/Armored/Spider-Man/Superior, with or without prep. Another of Spider-Man's major antagonists. While I am very familiar with his feats since the beginning of his stint as Spider-Man, I never bothered to note his feats before that, so I'd still have to do a lot of research.

  • (ADDED) Composite, with prep. If you thought Doom was a bad ass, think again. While I don't know much about the Maker, what little I've heard about him has given me the impression that he is like one of the coolest comic book characters out there. I really want to read more of his stories, and maybe even represent him in a CaV one day.

  • (ADDED) Composite worthy/unworthy/Jane 616. I recently read some of his comics to prepare for Thor Ragnarok (awesome movie btw), and then I also read a lot of JMS and Fraction's run to catch up on everything that happened to Loki before the awesome story where Loki became Sorcerer Supreme. Reading both of those really made me appreciate Thor (who i used to think was kinda lame) a lot more, and while I have like 0 knowledge of anything Thor before JMS' run (not including the whole Rune King Thor and Ragnarok story which I also did read), I am planning on doing some more reading after which I may eventually be able to

  • (ADDED)MCU Version only (for now). She's my favorite live-action character right now due to the brilliant writing and acting on Agents of SHIELD, so while I am hesitant about debating non-comics based characters (due to how hard it is to collect feats), if I were to start it would be with her.

  • (ADDED) 616, with or without prep. As another one of my favorite Spider-Man antagonists who I just never bothered to really take down feats for, while I have an intuitive knowledge of what he's capable of, I would also need to do substantial research to be able to back that up with feats.

  • (ADDED) Composite 616. This is the last Spider-Man villain on here - promise! He is probably my favorite Spidey villain after the Big 3, so I'm always interested in representing him. I would need to do research of course, but probably not as much as for any of the other Spider-Man villains on this list - mainly because he has a lot less appearances.

  • (ADDED) 616 Venom/Anti-Venom/Toxin. He is one of Spider-Man's major antagonists, and while I've read almost all of his source material, I never bothered to make any notes of feats, so I'd still have to do a lot of research from scratch (especially for Venom).