Characters I am Confident About Using in CaVs

Here are characters I feel confident about using in CaVs so far. I plan to update this list if and/or when I get better at using other characters. It's roughly in order of how comfortable I'd feel using them.

List items

  • Composite Earth-616, with or without prep, pretty much any scenario.

  • Original/post-Superior/composite, with or without Parkertech Spider-Armor, with or without prep.

  • 616 T'Challa, with or without gear. I could probably do prep battles with him too, but I'm not 100% confident about that as of yet.

  • 616 Hercules, both fully powered and depowered.

  • Classic incarnation, dying incarnation, and spider-powers incarnation, with or without prep.

  • 616 Thor, both Worthy and Unworthy incarnations.

  • MCU Quake, both depowered and with powers. No prep battles.

  • 616 Tony Stark, composite armors, with or without prep. I can probably do armor-specific matches as well for Extremis, Bleeding Edge, Superior, and Model Prime Iron Man.

  • Prep battles only.

  • Pre/post Space Knight amp for Venom, Anti-Venom as well.

  • Post Spider-Island resurrection.

  • Both the Pat Mulligan or Eddie Brock versions.

  • CW Green Arrow, hand to hand/melee battles only.