Most Wanted [Marvel]

A list of 30 stories I would do just about anything to write or at least read...

First off, if I was in charge at marvel I would move as many of our stories out of New York as possible. The Marvel U is huge so there's no reason why 3/4 of our heroes should be based out of one city.

Secondly, I crave more stories that don't only entertain but provoke thought. There are so many topics about our society and culture (besides homosexuality) that can be alluded to in comics. Independant comics touch on some from time to time but I think if Marvel did more of it they would see an increase in sales.

Being Canadian I would love to reintroduce it's comic counterpart as being the world leader in environmental friendly technology. I always imagined it as the Wakanda that decided to share all their superior knowledge and innovations with the rest of the world...

*Descriptions coming soon*

List items

  • An ongoing series featuring the team is long overdue. But rather than resurrecting the characters I would simply start from over from scratch.

    It would chronicle the gathering of Guardian, Nemesis, Snowbird, Shaman, Marina, Sasquatch, Aurora and Northstar in their struggle to expose their government sponsored but corrupt counterpart Alpha Strike while defending Canadians from Joshua Lord and other threats .

  • In my eyes T'Challa is a lot like Cyclops... He's been screwed around with by so many writers that it's hard to still like the character. However he is still my favorite avenger and unlike many other heroes he actually has a decent set of rogues.

    If I had my way with him I would make a series called "Black Panther and Storm". I want to see them married again, start having kids and have them mostly in Wakanda but also spend some time with the x-men.

  • I want to write a ongoing series for Marvel called "Blade: Midnight Son" that features him teaming up with various members of his old team and would span the globe.

    I already have an insane idea for the first story arc that would feature his team up with Morbius and Doctor Strange going head to head with their former teammate Frank Drake who has gone to some very unhealthy lengths to create his own army of Daywalkers.

  • Here's what I know... Canada is quite different from America and America is quite different from the UK. I'm one of those people that believe comics should be as educational as they are entertaining.

    If I were in charge at Marvel I would revive this series and use it to give people like me a real glimpse into life in Europe. MI:13 should feel very different and face equally different threats than what we're used to from the Avengers or Heroes for Hire.

  • I know that Ms. Marvel has been doing great as our Captain Marvel but I would actually like a ongoing series featuring Noh Varr but with the ability to communicate to previous or deceased captains. Kinda like in "Avatar: The Last Airbender".

  • Cloak and Dagger are somewhat popular characters but I would really love to take a completely different spin on them.

    I want an ongoing series called "Cloak and Dagger: Partners in Crime" that would show them using their powers to steal while having flashbacks of their origin and really explore what recovered drug addicts would really do if they suddenly developed powers. I would start this story in Las Vegas but eventually take it worldwide.

  • Blue Marvel, Black Goliath, Machine Man, Maestro and Visioneer. Featuring the Wrecking Crew

  • Again in my attempt to tell more international stories, I've decided that just like we need a new Alpha Flight series we could really use a reboot of Russia's Winter Guard.

  • Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Black Cat, Shang Chi, Prowler and Kasper Cole as the American Panther

  • Blackbolt & The Inhumans ruling over the Kree empire

  • So far this character sucks but I would love to do a series in which the prince of the Shi'ar Empire attempts to make a name for himself and find out who his mother really is with the help of some familiar characters.

    I would call it "Kid Gladiator and the Starjammers"...

  • She Hulk leading a team of Spiderwoman, Hellcat, Photon, Sersi and Shuri in a series that explores the Marvel U from a woman's perspective.

  • "Cage & Jewel: The Agency" is a ongoing series I thought of that takes place in Detroit and follows Luke Cage and Jewel attempt to return to their roots as private investigators with guest appearances from the Heroes For Hire, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and

    This series would really explore what it would be like for a married couple to work together for the first time. As well as show exactly why both these characters were able to work as detectives for a large chunk of their careers.

  • Baron Helmut Zemo joins forces with Doctor Octopus, Grey Gargoyle, Rose, The Contessa, Nightshade and Ana Kravinoff in Madripoor.

  • Personally I loved Moon Knight in L.A. and would love on ongoing about his adventures there as the city's official vigilante.

  • An ongoing series showcasing Namor the Sub-Mariner as the ruler of Atlantis and his attempt to save and maybe even conquer Brazil. I would to rewrite his origins and that of Atlantis in this series...

  • I've never been a fan of how Marvel misuses it's titles. I'm still upset that Daredevil didn't turn out to be Marvel's greatest villain like solicited and the New Avengers simply being a beta team is another example of how their titles are simply for profit and not logic. I want to change that...

    An ongoing series following the Young Avengers but as young adults led by Kang in a world where the older heroes died during the first war with the Badoon would be fresh and true to it's name!

  • A more detailed retelling of the team's birth and quest to save mankind with the help of other timeline characters like Magnus, Remy McKenzie, Kirika Howlett and Felicity Hardy.

  • An ongoing series following Sam Alexander who is on a quest to find Richard Rider the only person capable of restoring the corps.

  • Sentry gets his own series in which he's mostly sane & fights a restored Norman Osborn who has taken over Philadelphia's underworld & empowered/hired a team of goblins led by Jack O'Lantern, Jester, Menace, Cherry Blossom and Phil Urich

  • A ongoing series tracking the careers of upcoming agents Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, Jimmy Woo who has partial immortality, Clay Quartermain with cybernetic implants, Abigail Brand and Sharon Carter as a mentalist. With guest appearances from Nick Fury director Nick Fury (Black)

  • Skaar get trapped in the Negative Zone which he conquers becoming its guardian and ruler...

  • Black Widow, War Machine, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Falcon and Ant-Man

  • Black Panther gathers a team of Bucky Barnes as USAgent, Michael Pointer as the new Major Mapleleaf, Union Jack and Red Guardian to be a much needed international avengers of sorts and address real global issues.

  • In my alternate aka ultimate universe Hyperion, Nighthawk, Dr. Spectrum, Power Princess, Amphibian, The Blur, Shape, Nuke and Arcanna are not known as the Squadron Supreme but as the Ultimates.

  • Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Namor, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch with guest appearances byWolverine & Spiderman